Leapfrogging off Zeus, I return to the contemporary idea of Wotan crystallized in Sir Scruton’s account, and I wonder if it’s misogynist enough

Erda and the Norns suggest a primeval order that precedes that of the gods, and no one will ever know quite why the father of the Rhine-daughters entrusted the gold to their keeping instead of looking after it himself.

Many of the things I talk about here don’t even need to be talked about, because they’re intuited. Nonetheless, I feel the need to put them into words. “Rhine-daughters”, or Aryan women, know exactly who is being spoken of with that phrase. Nigger-women also know who is being spoken of. This is intuition.

“What if I’m in between the two?” Then you should know that there is a concrete program toward not being a nigger-woman. If not for your own sake then your daughters’ sake. The jew ideal is a shtetl.

Look at this

Show me another country that is more of an EYESORE than “Israel”. Look again at the above. What kind of country is that? It isn’t one. And this is what the usury-cheating jews try to impose on all of humankind.

The Rhine-daughters who grow up in ZOG also LOOK like Israel does there. It’s just a joke of a “country”.

How will women ever be sovereign? Following the jewish model seems laughable.

Same goes for Latinos, Irish, Blacks, Plebs, etc.

You look like Israel.

“And we prefer that!”

You’ve read so much (((marxist literature))) in your life, and I wonder if you’ve read any of the aristocrats?

We look at the israel-eyesore and see the same in the US, UK, France, etc.

The daughters of the Rhine should reflect on how the Jew is merely the next phase of “patriarch” and that there isn’t necessarily an improvement from the old times with them.

Your own daughters will suffer if you don’t understand this.

Do you want little girls to suffer as much as you have in the next generation? If not, then the first discussion should be the jews.

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