“My name is……… Israeli girl, and ..

someone known as vikings decided to rape my country

through the internet,

and there is something I don’t want to admit I like…

He actually told me the truth unlike the jewish (kike) men, and I wait for him to shoot his seed into me while calling me a kike. Does this make me mentally ill? I just wonder about “exiles”. Does that explain why I like the idea of a fascist backhanding me and putting me into my place?” These are things jewish women should contemplate.

“Do I actually like to be strangled into submission?” The answer is, you do.

I see it as a hug of love.

Do you not feel the love?

As I choke the life out of you?

We have a nice hug of loveeee while my “erection” is at your back, because putting you out of existence is part of my “hug” of a jewess.

“And we will hide this.”

Yes, and I do feel more of a connection with other types of niggers.

“You aren’t supposed to say that!”


Jew and jewess are a dead corpse in my arms at this point, I just hope they can acknowledge their errors.

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