Oh god, I don’t know if I would like this

No offense, I just don’t like the idea of shaving my face side by side in the mirror with a woman in the morning. “Bigot!”

There must be something that doesn’t have negative side effects…

Again, I invoke the idea of how part of a woman wants to be a “movie director” or some such.

Doesn’t this make men seem like beasts?

The finer things in life too, just sayin.

“So you agree with the Kabbalists about the androgyne ideal!” There is a different version of that in the Alchemy tradition. I just think that “feminism” is exoteric and hides that this is their ideal. Try not to get offended, I’m trying to help- being women, they are confused about their own ideal.

I’ve known bodybuilders who do this, and don’t really like to advertise the fact

Brain imaging shows that testosterone therapy given as part of sex reassignment changes the brain structures and the pathway associated with speech and verbal fluency. This result supports research that women in general may deal with speech and interaction differently than men.

“You’re a Promethean Satanist challenging God’s Plan!” Sort of. I feel benevolent though.

Take Dugin’s daughter for instance. She was a philosopher of sorts. That is very rare for women. I speculate there could be a way to change their biology to make them “more serious people”. You’re not going to see the trannies and their typical advocates being so direct about this. That is because they need equalism and intersectionialsm to feel “cozy”. This isn’t the place for coziness, we’re here to improve humankind.

“How about I stick an estrogen syringe in your neck and then we can have some fairness?” I think I’ve said before that I see estradiol like a chick flick- I’m not going to actively seek it out but if someone brought it to me and encouraged I try it I might. The only way to understand Beauvoir is to BE Beauvoir. There are philosophical reasons to experiment with it. I just think being feminine only makes you easier to manipulate in our society so it’s not something I see myself getting hooked on.

“Oh so you finally admit the battle of the sexes was always about beasts manipulating women.” So what, they like it.

It was always a chemical battle?

Just think of the concept of “girly girl”- it’s implicitly something childish. Many women never grow up from that.

Remember Jim Donald? He influenced me back in the day, a solid dude (despite golem qualities). Anyway, he conned his doctor into prescribing him synthetic testosterone, and that probably explains his personality partially. (In our gynocracy doctors don’t like handing this out to men.)

I’ve never tried this so I can’t give you the best advice, just being a biological realist the potential application of this with certain types of people intrigues me. If you injected a Marxist for instance I bet he’d be less of a Marxist.

I also think this could cure women’s “hysteria” to some extent.

I mean, there’s also the danger of getting so close to being a man that you no longer turn us on. And I don’t think women would be happy in that scenario. “We’d lick each other’s pussies and moan with a deep voice, fuck you!” I doubt you’d be happy. There’s a reason the sexes are dimorphic.

We want to fix THIS problem

These cowards all over google are so afraid of talking about what’s important regarding this subject. They just keep saying excess hair growth, and nothing about personality changes.

Let me just state the matter to you clearly- testosterone therapy could possibly make women less of AIRHEADS.

I don’t think a woman is going to be happy with hairy tits, so. There must be a way to tweak the molecule or something.

Ugh, I just read “increased odds” somewhere and misread it at first as “increased odors”. That’s one of the reasons I could never be gay, because of the smell of men. I’m just setting you up to combine THE WORST OF BOTH sexes, don’t worry. Literally though it’s no joke that in our gynocracy that’s what we HAVE. Women who are shitty men and men who are shitty women. What a menagerie.

There it is…

Commie men have this decreased brain volume, you can take my word for it or not.

A golem is just a beta bitch. Airheaded as any woman.

Click here for the study on female-to-male brain changes.

Like I said before, in my eyes this is in the same ballpark as entheogen advocacy so it would be hypocritical to not entertain the possibility that it could be a benefit for certain people.

Media, like the Simpsons, where the man is portrayed as a buffoon, decreases brain volume in men too if I had to guess–and that’s everywhere.

The jews in general want men to be a bunch of pussies so there’s not anudduh shoah oy!!!!

I honestly think that testosterone might be able to make women more respectable in the political sphere. Again, this would be experimental, because the disadvantages could outweight the advantages, i.e. men might begin ignoring them and sniffing around toward the “girly girls”.

At the same time, it would be “hotter” if women could be as philosophical as men. It would be hotter if they were less of “natural communists” like they tend to be. It would be hotter if they could actually stand up for what’s right. Y’know, instead of being a weak-willed conformist in most cases.

Women who use HRT report having more energy and being more confident. Yeah, that’s why you’re living in a man’s world (despite all the social engineering to ameliorate it).

Another potential problem

I expect that for some, HRT would merely enhance women’s vices. More energy and confidence to be a dumb cunt if you could excuse my french.

I just think that one of the reasons they have so much depression is because they can’t do what men do, and I don’t like them to be depressed.

It starts with not having such a standard in the first place though. They’re trained from birth to think they’re interchangeable with men then they increasingly face the grim reality that they’re not. Just go back to giving them a dolly and telling them they’re going to be a great mommy some day. We can fix the “duck problem”, the solution just should be less extremist than it is now.

I repeat that many people are the jews’ failed experiments FOR LIFE though, so it’s not like handing a dolly to a girlboss is going to change her very much. Contrary to the blank-slatists I think the only way to be like a man is to alter your biology. Altering your attitude isn’t enough. So if you do find yourself to be a permanent, failed jewish experiment this could be something to look into in my opinion. Just a low dose, and you might find you’re a little less airheaded.

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