Why did this anon (a fed, guilty until proven innocent) refer to me as martin? Did you catch that? Zoomers are especially blind to the Regression of the Castes that has taken place. I’m like 1/10th Heidegger, kid! His fluidity of mind is non-existent on planet earth and I’m not an exception. We’re just trying to pick up the pieces in this “stage” of history if you want to think of it that way. Heidegger was the end of any significant thinking. It’s been about 70 years now since the shekelers conspired to fry his brain. Since then there hasn’t been much, an “aesthete” here and there, that’s about it.

You only read me because it’s easy. This is the American version of Heidegger, which is slop. Stop being lazy and actually read him. That’s the only way for you to truly understand Rangordnung.

This is my message to the zoomers who feel they were meant to be part of the military. I am not the head-honcho of the military, I am only a drill-instructor. The head-honchos are people like Plato and Heidegger.

If you want to graduate to a higher rank you need to study them. And I don’t mean scan your eyes over the page like a lazy fuck. You need to study them slowly. You can spend one hour on a page for instance. And that will be more of an education than reading a decade of “news”.

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