What could be the implications of this if the west is a child-cult

This is from the Pisan cantos, which were begun FROM a death-cell.

Sick of talking to foreverniggers (objectively speaking) but here I am.

From what I can tell, there isn’t even one meager essay that compares Pound and Heidegger, let alone a study. I at least found one book on Pound that invokes Heidegger 107 times, so that’s something. You can expect this meagerness in this hell-a-dice. Well we’ll take what we can get.

Talking to foreverniggers is a bad habit of mine that’s probably going to end soon though.

Only a schizophrenic would hold a brick in his hand and babble at it. And that’s what talking to inanimate objects with names and social security numbers is like.

What appear as “human beings” are just mirages in an empty desert of a civilization that’s been jewed into unconsciousness.

So philosophy for “Normans” is about as solitary as doing a crossword puzzle.

This is what they say the two have in common

a deep comprehension of the ‘turns’ of epochal history

A descent into the mineral or “mammalian” ours has turned to.

Since they didn’t collaborate together, due to whatever stroke of fate, we need to “step in” and synthesize them ourselves

on 2 April 1936 Heidegger gave a lecture, ‘Hölderlin and the Essence of Poetry’, in Rome while Pound was trying from Rapallo to have his ars poetica reprinted

Heidegger probably passed through somewhere close to there

A couple of the only non-shells of the 20th century.

The first two figures need to be put together in order to shape the ideal third figure

Heidegger believes apparently in the necessary alliance of three mythical figures, the poet, the thinker and the statesman

Our right-wingers today are too bitchmade for such a project unfortunately.


Might as well be as stupid as skinheads, just with bells and whistles, so the stereotype is more or less accurate.

So, one of the most significant things about Hölderlin for Heidegger is that he articulated the role of the poet itself, i.e. he poetized the meaning of poetry itself. And what was the poet’s role, for Hölderlin? To articulate the holy. What is the holy in our time? That is history. Who is the poet who articulates history in our time? Pound.

The chief “defect” of Hölderlin is that he wasn’t writing for Americans. He was writing for his own homeland. So appropriation of his thought requires some imagination. This isn’t the case with Pound, who was basically the Clint Eastwood of letters. Hölderlin will always be a “fornie” to us. I actually had some sauerkraut for breakfast earlier because I’m out of eggs and bacon- just wasn’t the same.

♫ Babbbling to a brick, babbbling to a brick ♫ This isn’t a Vegas slot-machine is it?

Here we go- not 20 pages in to this study Adorno is invoked to temper the discussion with “anti-essentialism”. All anti-essentialism is at root is a rotten kike not wanting to be regarded as a rotten kike. Case DISMISSED.

Similar when dumb cunts wax anti-essentialistic. “I’m not a dumb cunt!”

Just care for the children, that’s what you’re good at, stick with what you’re good at.

The whores aren’t even good at that anymore though are they? So might as well be as good-for-nothing as jews.

Oh sorry, we’re supposed to have a filter in polite society, I always forget.

“I’m a future single mom with a beta male son and a dumpsterslut daughter who’s just like me- oh the meaning I find in life!”

Anyway, sticking with the world of ideas- this study was published in 1986. In 1987 the first scholarly book documenting Heidegger’s close ties with Nazism was published. So that explains why this study even exists- barely slipped by.

Is there even a comparative study on Heidegger and Schmitt? Not in English. The pseudo-intellectuals of the anglosphere are so afraid. They’re unable to entertain other people’s opinions. Especially if those other people are “better” than them. Sorry to have to say it that way but it’s the truth. Only pussies and retards are tolerated in the anglosphere.

Just showing you the few flashes worth sharing from this garbage (French-inspired) study

Hölderlin prophesied the “return of the gods”. And the first canto is about the Hermes-natured Odysseus, and the second canto is about Dionysus, so Pound’s text could be said to be such a return.

Other prominent gods he recurrently alludes to are Aphrodite (usually with the name of the temple-site “Cythera”), as well as Artemis (or “Diana”). And since the Cantos is an initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries, Demeter and Persephone also play an important role.

Here is Ez’s take on theology

Zeus, Neptune, Apollo also make appearances in the text.

Hölderlin also had an uncanny way of “embodying” Dionysus.

The gods don’t return “in the air above” or what have you- they return in the poets themselves!

Let’s not be over-laudatory though- Hölderlin has hymns and Pound has cantos that are “demons and genii” in the above sense.

Only real Greek-heads will relate to the Cantos

Most people’s idea of the Olympic pantheon revolves around Disney’s Hercules so the true meaning of the Cantos will be lost on them.

I mean, at least a meager attempt was made on a comparative study

This scholar focused mostly on Heidegger’s non-Hölderlin-related texts, which seems foolish to me.

I’ve always been fond of these similes

This would be the best route for a comparative study of the future. I can think of endless combinations that don’t yet exist, in fact- Evola’s esotericism applied to Wagner’s operas, Lawrence’s interpretation of American literature applied to Pound himself, etc. but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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