I had to hear it from Lewis that a Socialist government was elected for in England right after the war

I figured that a type of “Bolshevik Revolution” occurred there, I just wasn’t aware that it was a FORMAL shift.

Something similar seems to have occurred in the US too, just not formally- the “redemption of the plebs”

Their behaviour was in any case that of prisoners set free, or of birds released from a cage. Has England then been a concentration camp for the “lower orders”, the third estate; and was the barbed wire removed and were the sentries marched off in 1945?

This is from Lewis’s book of autobiographical short-stories written just before he went blind, and right after his second autobiography.

For misanthropes it’s no surprise that so many demographics relate to the vice-ridden pajama people.

Don’t you witness this in the various swathes of the pajama people loving population?

these men were intoxicated with what I still regard as a sacred beverage—liberty… Once you unchain one who has never tasted freedom, his wild ego will know no limit. But I did not desire to be the person to recall these men to order.

I often refer to this type as an orc.

Orcs are distinct from goblins in being stupid and generally lacking the evil impulse. They’re good-natured but often puppets of evil.

This is the white orc at least. The black and brown orcs might contain something of the evil impulse themselves, I’d say.

This is why “national socialism” is somewhat valid, because even if white orcs are stupid, they’re at least not naturally BAD. And with the right leaders they can be guided to be less stupid. Such is the raw material of our venerable christbloods.

Then I’d say that white women tend to be a cross between an orc and a goblin. Then the better ones have a third element that isn’t negative and can dominate the other two elements.

In one story Lewis stages a conversation between characters named Mark and Charles (use your imagination)- this is Mark

There is nothing left of the world we both grew up in. We have been forcibly, violently, re-born. I am not a convert to socialism: I have been re-born a socialist.

Mark goes on to say that the rulers of England are de facto socialists.

This happening was much subtler than the October Revolution. And in the US it was even sneakier.

The pajama people loving demographics

You, who are of our class, deliberately helping that rabble to enslave England!

This is Charles’s sister accusing Mark.

These are three old friends who developed a friendship in pre-WWI. After WWII they can’t remain friends.

Mark’s main “argument” is to pick the winning side, and that seems to be the disavowed case of most of the west.

In the mass defection to the pajama people lover demographics’ side, the rabble grew stronger and stronger.

Mass defection to the defectives- that’s what the October Revolution of the 40s represents.

This is from the next story in the collection (Rotting Hill)

As a loyal socialist he is, I think, neutral regarding the “intellectuals”, the brain-trusters, ruling us at present: but from his brother-in-law, who is franker, I know that they both would rather have plainer men.

This is similar to how Adorno used to be more in vogue but now he’s considered too elitist. It’s the telos of socialism for their leaders to eventually rabblify. We see this everywhere in the US these days with all the mud governors and the like.

Lewis wrote these stories a couple years after America and Cosmic Man. This text can be considered his book on England.

The only way to see these things today is if you’re mostly independently educated. (Lewis received a pre-apocalyse education.)

And, that’s most of what I find interesting in this book.

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