Only the initials of the anthropologists were known until then

Without a doubt, there will be more “breakthroughs” in an anthropology text from the 1930s than there will be in one from 2021.

Here is a brief review of a book on this subject if you want to see some names you probably never heard of. You’ve probably heard of the Max Planck Institute? It formerly was known as the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, and many of these scientists were affiliated with that.

There was an interesting sort of “interdisciplinarity” conducted there

Suppose this were true

he did feel that certain races had more tendencies towards good or ill than others

You should be able to spot a subhuman from a mile away, that way you can stay away from them. Many of them are white. With the right perception you can tell them apart from only one sentence. You don’t want to be around those things. And without that perception you will be. You can think of it in moral terms or not. You can look at them as “confused” or “evil”- either way, you don’t want to be around them.

When you’re not a Puritan

One scientist discovered 75 boxes of materials at the Smithsonian and when another one asked for them she refused, arguing it was collected for evil purposes.

It’s evil to say that certain races are more evil than others, right?

Frequently inheriting from the superior race talents and aspirations the full play of which is denied him by his kinship to the inferior

If you wear prog-goggles those evils will go away in the next generation, right?

If anything is clear to me it is that you can turn a population into niggers without even needing to mix their blood. The next step is simply to secure the inability for them to be reverse-brainwashed. The engineered spiritual subhuman with some hope for change vs. the permanent subhuman with no hope for change. Let us be grateful that for now we are only at Phase 1 of the Plan.

You know what I look for? Maybe it’s just me personally. When someone was an anthropologist, explorer, AND ethnographer from before you-know-when. That’s a good mix, tends to give a realistic portrayal of human beings. Natives from non-white countries tend to be similar to when we found them, they just have our sense of fashion, so it’s misleading. Without prog-goggles on, observing them, one might as well be an explorer in their country of origin. Anyway, just gathering these buried scientists for fellow enthusiasts- here’s one.

They renamed a couple buildings last year because they aren’t fond of this scientist anymore

When the 23-year-old Albert Einstein started the Olympia Academy study group in 1902, with his two younger friends, Maurice Solovine and Conrad Habicht, his first reading suggestion was Pearson’s The Grammar of Science

Here is one from Brazil who was inspired by the buried anthropologists. If only they listened to him, they’d have more scientists there today. Now it’s a place fit to do anthropology work rather than a place that produces anthropologists. Here is a Brazilian coper with views opposite of this one. Brazil, for obvious reasons, is an optimal place to find anthropologists who were also explorers, though as you can see with this second hyperlink here it’s hit or miss depending on, well, which of these two do you think will have more of a left-wing bias just looking at them?

Natives doing research on natives, ugh no thanks, I’ll pass.

Kehl was the main eugenicist of Brazil. Given the Brazilification of the US this could be an important scientist for us.

I wonder why this could’ve been?

Why am I seemingly alone in saying people should stop acting like coons, and further, stop consciously moving even further coonward? You “people” are hopeless.

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