Awesome, there’s a book on this

the idea that the Neolithic is much more than an economic transition, and coincided with a transformation in the world view of the prehistoric societies concerned

Jacques Cauvin.

Poor Vico was relying on Homer to understand the earliest societies. 750 BC vs. 11,000 BC. The Siege of Troy was said to begin in 1184 BC. About 8000 years before Homer Greeks were farming that land, farming AND talking, one would expect. The title of Cauvin’s book is The Birth of the Gods and the Origins of Agriculture. Racism is always something theological, at least in my mind.

Like fire and farming, religion is also a sort of technology that you can take with you to new places. It allows for a stable life, a sophisticated life- the moreso depending on how true the divinity is that is believed in.

He calls it an emancipation from ecological constraints

a new mastery of time as represented by the preferential choice among plant species… which can be stored, thereby assuring regular provision of supply throughout the seasons

It didn’t take much time after the onset of agriculture before the first urban civilization developed about 6000 years ago. So this was all really quick from the standpoint of human history in general which goes back about 2,000,000 years. Industrial societies began about the year 1800. So, 12,000 years ago, to 6000 years ago, to 200 years ago, all in the context of 2,000,000 years of humanity, and this rapid change seems to have begun with the mastery of time we call farming.

As innocent as this might seem, if you google this subject you will find a “rhetoric of forgiveness”, or a rhetoric of apology, that seeks to account for the “headstart” agricultural peoples had. And what explains this tendency? I’d say that they know on an intuitive level that farming permanently changed certain people for the better, and others were left behind.

If you want to get even less innocent, when we talk about the first elite-caste that developed 12,000 years ago or so from farming, one might think of the proto-Hebrews.

It’s not a settled debate what percent of Europeans were farmers who migrated from the middle east

We don’t know how many years “classism” has been going on. When I (semi-jokingly) refer to people as “peasants” the reality might be even more severe than that- many euros could be from relatively recent hunter-gatherer stock. Many sure act like it, don’t they?

Isn’t this unsettling?

For many people on earth it’s 100%

The Yamnaya were herders.

See this? I’m not even going to click any of these falsifications

They didn’t control plants and animals because they couldn’t even control themselves! And they still can’t. It’s GOOD that “Aborigines” are pretty much Anglos with a tan now. The other hunter-gatherer peoples should take notes. The Jew is going, “Oh, we’re way ahead of you on that.” Have them visit the sperm bank, quit turning my women into worthless mud.

In the contemporary west 100% of our institutions put all of their mental effort into soothing the hunter-gatherer about their lot in life. They don’t even try to raise them to the level of farmer-consciousness. Whereas my ethos is aimed at raising the farmers to the level of that 6% elite-caste.

We probably have something like that today, where 6% are in control of virtually everything. This pseudo-elite needs to be toppled. If you go to the root, of the even finer minority, the elite within the elite, the elite that controls the more surface ones, it will be a faster process. If anything, they’re coordinating a process where the farmers are brought back to the hunter-gatherer level.

Look at this though, the ones who began it all

the three cultural groups in the Levant – the Sultanian, the Aswadian, and the Mureybetian – among whom appeared the first signs of an agricultural economy

Cauvin speculates that a change in religion preceded the change in economy and food-acquirement. They seem to have believed in a mother-goddess. These could be the distant ancestors of the Syrian Alawites for all we know. These are some of the most important philosopher-scientists in history you’ve never heard of. “Why don’t we, like, stop running around everywhere?” “What are you, crazy?” I wonder how many generations of scapegoating they had to go through. Someone insists on agriculture to the hunter-gatherers and they’re killed. The location in question is the Holy Land in more ways than one.

This is pretty interesting

‘Culture was not ready.’ Equally, this cultural preparation for agriculture has been attributed to the Natufian… The chronological order of these changes, a symbolic transformation preceding the agricultural economy, is a proven, stratigraphic fact.

Stratigraphy is the study of rock layers. Their art existed before and during the Neolithic Revolution.

These are the people that preceded both Athens AND Jerusalem. No one talks about these “sages”.

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