These dates probably tell us a lot

These are just approximations. It’s closer to about 11,000 BC in the middle east that farming was developed.

And what’s modestly missing on the map?

They think the first farmers in Europe were migrants from the middle east rather than converted hunter-gatherers

Farming was a technology like fire. It allowed people to exit and live autonomously.

Keep in mind it isn’t easy to find information on the global history of agriculture, as absurd as that sounds. For instance, if farming wasn’t extensive at all among, say, Cherokees, leftists wouldn’t exaggerate it. Especially with Africa. I’m just looking for the facts. The history of agriculture probably explains a lot about the present-day.

This is what they were growing in Africa in 4000 BC? What the heck’s that

This was in the eastern part of the Sahelian Belt anyway, i.e. those were Egyptians.

In 2500 BC, we find evidence of millet farming in Mali, i.e. among the kinds of Africans we usually have in mind. And still then–those aren’t the ones we usually have in mind. Most of the slaves were from much farther south.

It was about 7000 BC in China that farming began to be developed. So, pretty similar to Europe.

The advent of farming and the domestication of cereals was a slow process occurring over 4 millennia in a number of small steps, region to region, after sedentism and other social and ideological changes of “Neolithization” had begun.

Regions of origin of sedentary life

The anthropologists call this “sedentism”. It means living in one place for an extended period of time.

Heh, I bet it WILL be very selective

It will take digging to find something good on this subject.

Some food for thought in this one. Interesting take on the origins of the scapegoat-mechanism in that.

There SHOULD be some really insightful books on this, and I don’t expect to find them

The first article I click attempts to debunk this for instance

Agriculture has long been regarded as an improvement in the human condition

It’s always beautification, everywhere. No reality.

Ah a key phrase you might want to google- the Neolithic Revolution

These developments provided the basis for densely populated settlements, specialization and division of labour, trading economies, the development of non portable art and architecture, centralized administrations and political structures, hierarchical ideologies, depersonalized systems of knowledge (e.g., writing), and property ownership.

This is clearly framed by a leftist. “It was bad to leave the third world!!”

Okay, he goes on to say that this “Revolution” inspired the invention of the wheel, math, and astronomy – that’s more like it.

Excess food caused by this revolution led to the formation of elites.

So, yesterday I was talking about how we left Africa 60-100,000 years ago. This narrows it down further to what’s more important- sedentism. 9000-11,000 years ago is when we really started to evolve.

This study speculates that 6% of the population formed an elite-caste in one of the earliest agricultural civilizations. The emergence of consciousness.

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