I learn that there is actually prose fiction like this out there

“Billy Bennett” is the perfect pro-South name. Only people with exceptional immunity to allergies can probably appreciate something like this.

There’s also a near-future trilogy involving fragmentation caused by the dollar dropping to the value of a leaf. These books don’t have many ratings. It’s probably best to avoid the Civil War, people are too emotional about that. Look at the map, how it’s framed though- they weren’t looking for total control, they just didn’t want to be controlled by the north. The north wanted the entire country for themselves. If you’ve ever read the words of the president of the confederacy you’ll see this isn’t only fiction. He believed they were two different peoples who needed their own countries.

This one looks cool

It’s like that idea of Iranians being unfazed by all the decapitations of kings that have occurred in the west- fiction like this can put you in that mindset.

Here’s a nonfictional map from 1500

Some of us have a nature that leads us to wanting to live somewhere in the center there. How conformist must those French be if they’re not fragmented like that?

That one makes this one not look as crazy

Kingdom of Georgia, sign me up. Something like this might actually happen once there are enough Latin Americans here. They can form their own country, connecting the US with Mexico, and the hippies of California can have their own too.

I’m pulling this stuff from this site if you’re interested. Mostly seeing maps instead of prose fiction, unfortunately. Nonfiction secession theorizing would be even better probably.

It’s too bad people immediately think of rednecks when they hear the word “secession”. That’s part of how they “getcha”.

Don’t the pro-Union people seem gluttonous when you look at this one?

You really need that all for yourself?

Huh, learning that none other than Orson Scott Card has a series that incorporates the theme of the balkanization of the United States.

All these need to be gathered together and purified into a synthesis

Needing to self-publish is probably more frequent with this genre than any other. Alternate history has an unrivaled dissolving effect. Remember, it’s more accurate to speak of the “theological-political” as the historiographical, and this is its poetic form.

“What happened in that Civil War one you mentioned initially?” Not even gonna talk about it, you’re a dirty person if you bring that up. Better off sticking with near-future. Alternative past vs. alternative future, these are the two options.

Really? This is news to me. They must keep these in the shadows of the internet

Of course, given the popularity of the trope, the large number of works featuring the shattering of the Union is hardly surprising

It looks like there are lots of anons who write these. One’s name is IchBinDieKaiser. America the Fallen is the name of his timeline. I do like the sound of that. Sorry to tell you, if you’re not writing anonymously it’s going to be difficult to catch my interest. I ONLY make an exception for pretty women.

You don’t have to be an anon to write something like this for instance

IchBinDieKaiser hints that the future will see a host of other nations rise and fall in North America and elsewhere, as well as interesting events including Karl Marx playing revolutionary in a heavily German Texas

IS that very interesting? We already saw that happen in real life with the Soviets and Maoists. BOR-ING!

On the other hand, the idea of the Stuarts fleeing in exile and forming their own country in the US, that’s interesting. The re-institution of theocracy a la the Iranian Revolution, that’s interesting. Commie crap that’s everywhere already, not so much, not so much at all.

I can see a mutual reinforcement with the genre of literature in question. Immerse in imaginative worlds, and that will sharpen your nonfictional theorizing. Immerse in nonfictional theorizing inspired by those imaginative worlds, and that will in turn lead to creating more engaging imaginative worlds.

That trilogy I mentioned above though sounds from the description like the closest thing to a “bitcoin novel” I’ve seen, no pdf available unfortunately. You think it would be peaceful if the dollar did end up collapsing?

Very few in this dystopian apocalyptic setting have a clue about how to protect themselves, nor are many of them preppers. They don’t all talk and act the same and everything doesn’t always go right for them; nor do they all survive. Characters are all forced to join one of the wide range of colorful and often violent factions.

I fantasize about this so much

Some seek to establish a new kind of society, and take specific, detailed steps of their own design.

Those who control the drones will probably be the ones who sketch the dimensions of the new state-religion, if I had to guess.

In light of that, we can probably learn from the collected wisdom of the Taliban, and groups like that in the middle east who have been dealing with remote warfare for years. Just being realistic!

See, there’s so much one can incorporate into art like this. And there’s not much material out there.

There are people posting in the forum at that alternativehistory site TODAY. What are they talking about?

With enough immersion in imaginative worlds, with enough planning, that pathetic Capitol fiasco could have been a real coup. Aren’t they still talking about that weak attempt in the news? It just shows how vulnerable they are.

Here’s how Chapter 41 of one of them begins

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