Haha if you goyim question us you will die in loneliness and even white women will let you die alone

You have no dignity at all. In this political order you can expect whores. If you speak out then you will be seen as an enemy of the jews.

There’s A Lot to Live For (vol 9000)

Did one of the subhumans ever have the modesty to admit that they can never say my name because I prove how down syndromed they are? No, that’s one of their essential lies.

“Why are you so unhappy why don’t you tell me?” What am I, your grandpa? I’m 29 years old thank you very much. In everything they hide the Jew presence. When they show a turd worlder, the reality is the Jew wants you to be a turd worlder. When will I ever see a mainstream publication about this? You’re all whore-mags. Nice, I can flip through a hustler and see a hebrew fucking you, and that’s what they want.

Anything that hates whites is good. We need everyone turning into niggers because that is good or something according to the jews. Are jews niggers or what? Why else would they want that?

“We will sanction you if you so much as hint at it.” So you can’t defend your argument. “We have bots to do that.” The kind that hide any of this conversation? Why can’t you get a bot to defend the 109? Why do you have immediate animal gratifications distracting from your migrations? Never mention jews, just say “white people are bad” in an indirect way, to feel better about being a nigger. Are you that? I guess you’d never admit it. (All the feds and spiritual feds- We need to show that he is wrong about us.) You guys are pretty sad. I look for a friend and I could never be friends with you. “We’re feds, we have the majority, we have the capital, we have the bots though.” I can’t see you as a friend, you are someone who lives in shame. Let me jump at the prospect of being your friend. You have all the controls of culture and you still want me gone too for reminding you of this. Why don’t you just face your demons?

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