I, evidently, can talk about whatever I want. Who else can you say does that? If I have a whim to say something that isn’t “legal” for instance I will say it. It’s just a fun time imagining a federal agent being stabbed up through the bottom of the chin into the brain, is it not? You have to admit. X-Files was a play on this, and we can take the genre even further. This is a certain protestantism within the secret services. Mulder takes the most absurd cases, how about the case of liquidating the feds altogether? It’s supposed to be an autonomous agency and it’s entirely one with the state at this point. I bet if someone hacked their surveillance tech to project a ballot into every American’s home regarding their continued existence, over 90% would vote for liquidation. Being able to be watched isn’t something people want, that’s just something they’ve sadly gotten used to. I talk about having a party with people who are like-minded, that’s not possible. And it’s because of them. Even if you’re really careful in selecting who you surround yourself with I bet there’s still hesitation to be yourself, because you might be being recorded. Or it might be some secret commie that will give up dirt on you at the slightest prodding. Can you be a happy person in a country like that?

Unless you’re out somewhere on a farm there’s a very high likelihood you’re being brainwashed. That’s all electricity is for. It’s not such a great invention in that light. You have to put in a lot of effort to find “free information”. That Elista forum is one such case, and it’s rare. You’re probably so controlled that you just accept your fate, and that’s part of their control. You’re a Jew’s slave, you believe savages are the same as you. You’ve lost your mind. There are people in charge of making sure your brain is gone, there really are people like this, who want that. They probably tell themselves it’s for the greater good. What’s good about everyone being a savage? The police-state isn’t going away, you’re just going to be a savage in the police-state and be easier to manipulate than you are now, which isn’t saying much, though the distinction is there. It’s time to submit to an ape like a weakling, that’s the constant mantra.

“Technology” isn’t real progress when it’s only used to create minds that are no different from medieval people’s. Finkelstein happily invests in that. And besides his tribe you also have the other Ellis Island inferiority-complexes, the Latinos of far south, and the blacks of the plantations. All these people are against you, and grit their teeth in rage at the thought that you weren’t born like them. Half the population hates you for this, the women. Sorry I’m not naturally an imbecile like all of you. Do you feel better if I apologize for that? So sorry I’m not a total imbecile like you. How sorry I am.

“You wonder why they want to kill us all…” It’s true. It’s so sad to watch them in their natural habitats. A citizen with an equal vote ahahahahaaha! That’s like asking someone with down syndrome to perform open heart surgery on a close relative. Many leftists are fine with that, because they’re one of these non-people who hates that they were born as some mongrel. I can hope that the ones like that are viewing this from the last breath of battery on their smartphone before the garbageman takes them away. Is it dark in there, does it smell? That’s where you should be. “He’s finding out it’s a conspiracy of all the different types of nigger!” Yes, that is exactly what you are. You deserve your brainless skull crushed under a boot.

In conclusion, “feds” are ideally an institution that does promote the true greater good, and they’ve been co-opted by these same subhumans we speak of here and are confused about the concept of national security. Savages controlled by merchants is not national security.

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