I know you’re just dying to know more about how Henri de Boulainvilliers thought of things. It might as well be as seamless as a math problem though, because when you express his kind of sentiments the guillotine blade falls as if it’s a logical equation. People today are physiologically opposed to any viewpoint from the heights, it’s really who they are. I see them all as shaking a beggar bowl looking for an excuse. I’m not going to give you an excuse. You seem like a nigger to me. That is what Boulainvilliers would’ve thought. Are you a person or a latrine? You probably don’t want to know the answer to that. Humans have disappeared and I am mostly alone on the earth now. I know I harp on it all the time, it’s true, you were conned by the Old Testament. That’s the disguise they use to take advantage of you.

So, what did Boulainvilliers think? That’s actually the “real world”. If you look at mainstream expectations, we’re supposed to see that as the real world. No… Only people who preceded the various rabble massacres know what the real world is. For the thousandth time, there’s no meaning in talking to them. The only way they understand reality is through the lens of a subhuman. They will never understand “truth” or “morality”. They are the result of multiple generations of non-humans breeding with each other. Sorry for your bad luck. A simian that is able to read English? That sounds like a fate worse than death.

Unfortunately I’m not a larper or something, I truly believe all these things. Most people who read me I probably wouldn’t even consider to be a person. If I were to have a conversation with you I’d have to “tolerate” you. Especially if it were a Jew, okay? Why not just say it, what’s stopping you? They operate through secrecy and if they are pressed in the open they look like total retards, so they make sure to avoid that. Then if you were to try to have a realistic conversation with an African-American they’d probably start chimping out, so there’s no point in talking to them. Both of them are a couple of niggers. Do not worry my dear brown readers, plenty of whites are chimps too, rest your weary heads.

“So do you have a point or are you just being a mean person?” Your kind of thinking is exactly the problem. No, I don’t have a point, I am simply having a conversation. I say what I want, that’s my point. And that is one of the many things that separates me from the disgraceful failures everywhere who speak in order to schmooze the political order. I don’t speak to do anything. This is just what I think about things. Total niggers everywhere, and it isn’t even funny anymore. We’re living in Niggerworld. That’s what Boulainvilliers would’ve thought.

There’s no point in talking to them because that’s the world you’re talking TO.

“I’m not too happy with you describing me that way.” Okay, nigger.

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