Wow, even BAP sold his soul and told everyone to breed with niggers, and was very nice to Jews, and even he was banned. It looks like you have no ideals to aspire for if you’re sad that such an account was banned by the Jews. “We’re so sad that a sell-out who constantly made excuses for niggers and kikes was banned by them.” At least get ripped so you can get a blowup doll. That’s the message to me, of someone who is a BAP enthusiast. Let’s just hope his ostracism pushes him to not be so much of a niggerjew. Working out instead of thinking is probably a good idea looking at how down syndrome tier women are though. What you think isn’t something that can be understood by them. Things are so bad though that good old Bap’s banning will probably lead to a further leveling. It’s good to get muscle, the problem is, if you looked closely at him he was only another shill. Your daughter needs to breed with a nigger because Jews are the chosen people. If that’s your thing then okay. Even the center-right gets fumigated from social media, he knew that. The thing about BAP though is that he was a person further right than Trump. That’s just what we have to deal with in the public sphere. Even when you’re further right than Trump you’re still left unfortunately. Disorder will continue to increase, everyone will pretend someone like me doesn’t exist, because they feel bad about how leftist they are. “Leftist” is just another word for “nigger” in our time. You’re a nigger or not, and you get no mercy if you act like a nigger. Look at that, you were a nigger and you still got banned. Time to simply move to the other side if you learn this lesson.

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