Where to find such a person

Ludovici is close enough to that I guess, even if he’s only in books.

I always imagine this happening on an island, where I begin to believe in humanity again.

Did you look at Ludovici’s bibliography though. Where to dig in first? There are like ten titles that look like they need to be read ASAP-

Who is to be Master of the World?
Nietzsche and Art
A Defence of Aristocracy
The Night-Hoers: Or, The Case Against Birth Control and an Alternative
The Secret of Laughter
The Choice of a Mate
Jews, and the Jews in England 
Enemies of Women: the Origins in Outline of Anglo-Saxon Feminism
The Quest of Human Quality: How to Rear Leaders

I’d probably have to get them drunk to talk about the kinds of things I want them to talk about. And even then they’d be guarded. And even then they’d probably be so unpracticed in talking about such things they wouldn’t say anything very profound. Talking with a rare and exceptional person whose fleeting presence would be regretful I do not see in my future.

Get rich, live in security and luxury, lay back and watch a zog-show on your big screen and relax. “Network” at a plastic get-together.

You see as plainly as if the fact were written in unmistakable letters across your path, that all one-sided breeding and rearing of squeamish ideals of what a man and a woman should be, although it leads to smug security and ease, is steadily eliminating all greatness and all character from your world of friends and companions.

At least people like him exist.

That’s how I found people, and that’s how I’ll leave them too. Cowards when I found them, cowards when I leave them. Whores when I found them, whores when I leave them. What endurance it has taken to tolerate these sorry people.

Are most men like secret gamers or something? There must be an explanation why they seem like children, the triviality of their concerns, and where their interests lie. Just seem like people who play a game like a child for half the day then go on to speak. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. I don’t even have a speculation to explain why women are airheads- do they spend their time talking to their pet like a baby? Must be something stupid like that.

This is a serious problem. All I want to do is talk to a rare and exceptional person on an island and believe in humanity again. Are you going to hold that against me? Something must explain why so many adults seem like children.

If I had to guess, it’s probably something dark like this that explains it

Probably goes back to before great-great-grandpa.

Look at this, it’s only bound to get worse from here too

You already have to be a niggerpeasant to descend even further into savagery. Very enviable destiny that is. Being someone of not much quality losing even more quality in the next generation all happens for a reason.

Then the gamer brains will probably find themselves one of those niggerpeasant white women to curse the earth with.

The west is a stew I don’t want a taste of.

The Jews are just intentionally humiliating you. The last remnant of noble whites dared to challenge them some decades ago and they find it laugh out loud funny what they’re doing to you now as revenge. Peasants to something less than peasants. Nasty people now, even nastier people in the future. No rare and exceptional people in the future, that’s for damn sure.

all been recklessly mating with each other, to produce only confusion, disharmony and, therefore, inferior vitality in their offspring.

“Look, it’s ME, a male pussy who naturally submits!” “Look, it’s ME, a dumpsterslut who has failed as a woman!” It’s not your fault you were born that way.

You’re going to be disappointed if you do this

 Look for any symmetry or order in the faces of modern civilized people, or for any natural dignity, poise, resilience, and serene exuberance

Ideally one would be careful to sort through the subhumans among whites. Today even the subhumans of the turd world are stirred into the pot. Don’t white peasant-types even sicken you? What’s wrong with people? I can’t tolerate them for a second, let alone the turds from the jungles.

Go play a video game, nigger. Go talk to your pet like a baby, failed woman.

I want my rare and exceptional person to speak with and you probably only hinder that possibility with your pure down syndrome viewpoints. Go press some buttons like the child that you are. “Life is about FUN! I’m a slave haha!”

How many days in a row have I been doing these “inhuman rants” now anyway? 2000? I literally feel like a different species. Why is there a weak child everywhere I look? For years?

In every expression of modern Man, the lack of a sense of order and quality is palpable.

Just forget about all this, it was all a bad dream. No one would ever criticize you so harshly, no one deserves that do they.

If you’re not laughing with me I have some news for you. Instead of being bitter about it you could always try to be a rare and exceptional person? I’m not going to hold my breath. Like it or not, someone being as harsh as me is one of the only signs that our civilization isn’t dead. Could you ever admit it?

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