People like to have someone to blame, right? Who you hold as responsible says something about you. Usually it’s really lazy where people put the blame. The more nuanced your interpretation of who is responsible, the more you demonstrate how much you care about society. The conclusion that follows is that people really don’t care much.

An easy one to go after is journalists. That’s just the bare minimum and many people aren’t even capable of holding THEM responsible. When you narrow it down you find there aren’t many who care about society at all.

Occasionally you’ll see some word salad about the CIA, its links with some plutocrat or corporation. And this is all fine and good, all the parts taken together reveal something important.

Who REALLY let humanity down? That’s the question I think about. Journalists, intel services, these are just the peons, the active ones. I think about the passive ones as most responsible. And not many people are going to understand where I put the blame.

That is the geniuses of culture who do nothing. These are the ones no one ever blames, and they’re arguably more responsible than anyone. It’s usually the academy that draws these types in.

If you think of humanity as one person, they’re the most intelligent part of it. All of culture is supposed to work together toward the Good. If you think of farmers for instance, the real purpose of their role in society is to feed geniuses so they can use their brains to eliminate evil. That’s what their role is SUPPOSED to be. And they do not do that at all.

The real purpose of your tax dollars that pay for schools and the roads to get to those schools is to produce these geniuses who will fix the problems of society. And they do not do anything like that. They failed in their duty to us.

Trust me, I scroll through z-library for miles everyday to see the latest shite that is published, and it’s all pretty much worthless. There’s no doubt they are geniuses in the academy and they do absolutely nothing for you. They have failed you. It isn’t journalists, it isn’t bribed politicians to blame. It’s the only ones with the cognition to solve the problems in culture who do nothing.

I think of it in a theological sense as well- God put them here to help people who aren’t as smart as them. And they don’t help them. They only focus on pedantic bullshit that doesn’t do anything for anyone, it only allows them to live in comfort and be regarded as a member of the intellectual caste. That fails to meet the criteria of a real intellectual in my opinion. I see high IQ retards who turned their backs on society. Blame journalists if you want, go ahead, this is who I blame.

A cynical perspective would be to see something similar in the US to what I showed you with Syria’s academy. When you knock out the brain then the culture is totally vulnerable and it might as well already be dead.

All these geniuses should just up and quit and form their own freelance institution, IF they actually cared about society, the very society that was necessary for them to grow into the geniuses that they are. They OWE it to society to do that. You know what the problem is? People are too stupid to see that they fail at their duty to them. The only ones who know this is the role they SHOULD have are those academics themselves, most average joes don’t have a clue about that. So they don’t even know they ARE to blame. Yes, you wonder why there are so many problems in society, it’s because the brains don’t do their duty for you. So stop blaming the peons, it’s the negligence of the intellectuals.

THEY COULD DESTROY EVERYTHING IF THEY WANTED TO. They’re the only ones with the cognitive faculties to subject all of the social ills to a thoroughgoing critique, and they do not. And let’s not try to pull a fast one here and tell me that “prog” or “grifter” critiques count at all. You’re making shit up, you should shut your fucking mouth. You’re just keeping the brain of culture dead when you try to pull that. That’s because you don’t really care about society. You’re as worthless as them. It’s a group-effort alright, and virtually the entire group does nothing. In fact, most of them are part of the very culture that we need those geniuses to criticize. And they’re all in cahoots to do nothing for you and turn their backs on their responsibility to you. And they’ll make up excuses for it too, that’s the kind of lowlifes they are. Sincerely.

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