The specific demon to look out for in the literature, i.e. codeword in many cases

the Jews believe that Samael rules the Goyim and places the sins of the Jews on the Goyim in exchange for a sacrificial goat given him once a year, the “scapegoat” which unburdens the Jews of their sins and affixes them to the cursed Gentiles.

You can probably guess who they identify Samael with – and here’s some backstory for you too

This is from Bjerknes who frequently identifies Samael with Jesus.

I could just quote him all day, he’s one of the only ones who gets it

Hating you IS their religion!

If they’re not actively hating you there’s also the kind like Yarvin that makes that project of theirs of hating you safe. They often do this by distracting you from this project of theirs. That amounts to the same thing ultimately. They hate you or they develop a system of distraction from them hating you. And the Esther victims as well as the other goyim “zionists” are one in that same project. All this to emphasize that “the religion of hating you” exists in many forms besides the direct one. And most goys are blind to even that direct one. No, they’re not “progressive” Jews, look closely, they really just hate you. The social justice causes you see on the surface are just an extension of that religion of hating you. And the shiksas, my favorite shiksas, those are all part of the same plot too. Jesus, i.e. Christian-descended people, is Samael the demon, secular now or not, and the Jews have convinced many of those same people to hate themselves and attack their own kind. Don’t be confused about this- only on the surface is it “doing good”. The reality is it’s many forms of the religion of hating you, minion of the demon Samael. It should go without saying that anyone involved in this religion of hating you is not your friend! Smokescreens everywhere. It’s not just the ones that are actively doing it, it’s also the ones that create diversions from the central project. This is every single last alt-lite twat and moderate imbecile who occasionally hints about rightist ideas being good. They all might as well be part of that religion of hating you. “Reactionary Jews” might as well not exist at all. Unless it’s HODOS. Really they’re just progs in disguise with the same religion of hating you except they manifest it in different ways than actually hating you, i.e. through creating a distraction.

Gotta love those cladistics

Yeah, I feel like that goat, many days of the year! Anyone part of that is definitely part of their religion of hating you. Hating someone who defends you from people whose religion revolves around hating you sounds pretty confused, no? If you do that, if you live in that confusion, then you are part of their religion of hating you. It’s a very obvious confusion once you think about it in this way. So try to keep this in mind when you see people distracting from all this. This is the subtler side of their religion. It’s easy to see a kike being a kike and know what they are, it’s not so easy to see this distraction activity from goyim who believe in the religion of hating themselves and you. I’m mostly talking to people who believe in that very religion so I don’t know what to tell you. They got to sacrifice their goat this year, and they have many years in a row now, and my dear reader probably helped them do that, i.e. helped them hate you.

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