Does any other country have anything similar to a Khomeini?

This is one of his oldest students, and he just died last year- to give you an idea of where we are on the timeline.

Sounds like a problem child to me

Khomeini asked him to write this book.

I can’t find it on google, just showing you a symptom of good things happening in the world.

For Khomeini politics and mysticism are entwined

a mystic who does not reach the fourth stage and does not take the hand of the people, has not reached perfection.

He would tell politicians that when they write and when they read, when they speak and when they listen, they should be aware that they are doing so in the presence of God.

I think certain people should hesitate to speak, in light of that.

For him, philosophy is between ethics and mysticism, the latter being the fulfillment of ethics, and philosophy being the means to reach this fulfillment

Politics is a form of worship to this revolutionary.

Remember Suhrawardi from yesterday? Khomeini was a follower of his, so he doesn’t have an ordinary interpretation of the meaning of “worship”.

And I think it’s interesting to note that his popularity reflects the nature of the Iranian people as well.

Here is a rare insta-translated HTML article on this for those like me still beginning to learn Farsi.

They consider him a reviver of the mysticism of Ali. In other words, he’s considered an imam because he breathed new life into the first Imam. Or in our way of speaking, the Gospel of Matthew had it right and Khomeini embodied that message, and he learned from later mystics like Dante, i.e. in Khomeini’s case, Mulla Sadra. I say this because the stereotype of the middle east in general is that they only read the Quran, and read it dogmatically. No, various thinkers learned from the Quran and took it in interesting directions. This entire constellation of names is unknown to the west.

From what I can tell, Sufi, mystic, and Gnostic are synonyms to them.

Remember my post on Olympiodorus? That seems to be a related dimension to all this.

Tell me that widely publicized book of Khomeini’s late student on international zionism isn’t a manifestation of Socratism

I started the morning reading about the historical process of the corruption of the Catholic church and papacy and then I thought, Yeah it’s corrupted, we know that, let’s move on. And this is where I find myself.

To me, Sufi, Christian, and Philosopher are synonyms when these words mean what they’re SUPPOSED to mean.

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