Doing the thing where I ask one enemy about another enemy, Orthodox interpretations of Shi’ism

the existence of any creation is determined by the knowledge of Allah about it… The being of an object is never independent.

Khomeini’s books are banned in Russia so I don’t expect much- this site is interesting though.

This is making me laugh, I don’t think they look at the world the same as we do

you see the mountains, which you consider motionless, but they pass like clouds pass… Mulla Sadra’s philosophical constructions are extremely complex

You’re lucky, I started the day thinking about studying the Quran and I know next to no one is “down with that”. Not like anyone is down with this either. Still.

Here is what one imam says about those who do not choose the path of angelic ascent

Some of the people will be assembled in a form, in comparison with which the monkeys and pigs will appear beautiful

This is a Shi’ist take on the Last Judgment. They’re already that way BEFORE the Last Judgment though in my opinion.

in the Shi’ist sociocultural space, alam al-mithal is a kind of information field… a kind of spiritual chronotope (space-time continuum) no less real than the material chronotope. Of course, the entrance to this continuum is not available for everyone, but only for those members of society who have advanced far along the path of spiritual realization

It seems like such an extreme stance to say all the people who constitute our most prestigious institutions in the west don’t know what any of this is about, and yet here I stand, I can do no other. Thinking about 200 IQ professors I’ve had who are completely blind to the JQ and its alternative, for instance. You’d think it would be impossible for such people to be so blind. And that’s to say nothing of those who are more of the peons of our culture. Woke CEOs, those kinds of people. Novelists, directors. None of them have the faintest clue. They’re security guards and tellers in a bank. “It’s you vs. a billion people in the west.” Yup. Good thing I’m just a Nazi who pulls directly from Jewish sacred texts, otherwise you’d have something to worry about! What a relief that their slavery is just a fantasy of mine. A pig is more beautiful than some of them? No, I’d never conclude something like that.

Most English words in general that you can hear or read make you stupid. This can be said of the words even of scholars, so imagine the effects of absorbing the words of an ordinary person. Being in the presence of English words makes you less beautiful than a pig like them. Virtually no exceptions to this. Most reactionaries tend to be meme-minded, and that’s a low level of reality which has a similar deleterious effect, though they might be necessary as a “ladder”. I’m just trying to help you, you don’t have to get mad at me for saying this. There’s really nothing here. Virtually anyone you see speaking English is unwittingly trying to trick you into dwelling in the same dim reality as them. Women especially- their M. O. is to bribe you with sex into accepting the Jew Order. They favor that Order in part because it enforces the deception that they are not less beautiful than pigs. For me at least there’s no bribe that can convince me to accept that deception.

I was thinking, my frustration with how difficult it is to live in Iran is irrational, because that’s its very merit. If it were easy to live there that would be a bad sign. If I was rooted there in the future and they began to allow Americans in indiscriminately I’d take that as a symptom that “it’s over” there. Thus, what annoys me about it is the very thing I admire about it.

I always talk about shaking up the canon, right? I believe I have isolated the writers who would shake it up the most. These are Kabbalists and Sufis. One is the problem, the other is the solution. Neither of them will be added to the canon anytime soon, you can be confident about that. Sorry if you don’t have the capacities to accept the inner-meanings of a couple of the major schools of world mysticism. If you’re able to add them to your “personal canon” you will begin to have thoughts like mine- I’m just ahead of the curve.

This for instance is a reality- can you accept that?

They don’t have to read a word of Chaim Vital, it’s just who they are at this point

I’m not returning to nothingness, okay? I’m going somewhere that prizes the ascent to the angelic.

I’m not a “leap of faith” kind of person. Often on the Farsinet I find my intuition in agreement. It depends on how foggy your intuition is whether you perceive many many people in the west as less beautiful than pigs. It’s so clear to me that I don’t even want to read English anymore. And there are people responsible for the state of the west too, and there are books that explain their behavior. It takes a leap of faith to not make the connection between one and the other – truly.

Look at this similarity

the system of the universe in the works of Shi’ist esotericists can be characterized as follows: the highest is the world of lakhut (divine Names and Attributes); followed by the worlds of jabarut (Intellects or angels), malakut and nasut (the world of people).

It’s funny how on the Farsinet “Kabbalah” is often referred to as Jewish Sufism. So, Muslim Kabbalah has a system of Divine Names too? One that doesn’t involve intrinsic hatred for goyim? Where is this? Because I try to follow along with Idel&co. and my awareness of the “real esotericism” of Kabbalah ruins it for me.

Anyway, the percentage of my readers who can accept the problem in all its dimensions I expect to be pretty low, and the percentage that can accept the solution I expect to be a lot lower than that. If you’re not able to entertain this solution I doubt you fully understand the problem.

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