It seems like the most important subjects are the least “democratic”. You can’t expect many people to care about them. I often have a purgative mood where I consciously tell myself “No, it doesn’t matter to talk to those ones at all”.

In my opinion, the first order of business

I’m quoting from Idel here, this isn’t just some guy, this is one of the world-authorities on the subject.

Is this not a mystery to you? Do you think Buddhists have a prominent influence in the global superpower known as the US?

No one knows what this is about. I bet if I asked you to describe it you’d mumble gibberish.

Imagine if UFOs invaded here and were secretly ordering your society and your very personality, and some of their books were able to be read – you don’t have any inclination to read them?

To bring up Land again, it does seem that Capital has a mind of its own. And it just so happens to be conspicuously condensed in a particular ethnic group. I doubt you can understand the “history of capitalism” without understanding Kabbalah. It gets pretty sinister if you think of the beginning of the Zohar about most people being thorns next to a rose. And that’s only the first step, it gets so much more sinister. And apparently no one cares to understand these things. Even when I’m not acting like a Nazi(!) I certainly do feel like a thorn. Is this normal for their cattle to feel that way? Well, consult their scripture you will see that it is programmatic.

So, continuing with the “pedantry” (which I take to be one of the most important things that no one understands) this is about Scholem who has a hegemony over interpretation such that I’m led to see him as a sort of modern-day Luria

Sorry that you don’t want to understand History. History is about Wars! Scholem was mostly writing after a certain war, one that revolved around the fate of his own people. Idel isn’t going to put it in these terms obviously, because the fate of HIS people is in question too. If you don’t believe Bjerknes, go back three centuries to Eisenmenger. The Yids of today spin Kabbalah in a certain way so that they don’t seem guilty and thus deserving of the haulycost. You can get annoyed with me for constantly talking about the postwar order – the fact is we’re living in it and I’m sick of it. So pretend it doesn’t exist you thorn. I know who the real thorns are, and I know who should be the fertilizer to grow new roses too.

On very rare occasions you do find them admitting what is going on. I was startled to see this in Wolfson’s book on the Chabad, Open Secret, for instance

“Don’t be defensive, goy, accept that you’re a means to benefit us!”

Why am I seemingly the only person who looks at something like that and says “No.”

Where is your redemption that they are supposedly giving you? It’s a farce, you’re never getting that. Even Latinos are leveled in the US. That is not redemption.

So, an alternative. This is an interesting thing that Idel said

By the “ecstatic trend” he means here what I’ve discussed as the Kabbalah of the “Divine Names”. All the sephirothic stuff I’ve been getting into here is just the beginning, the ecstatic Kabbalah is the core of the tradition – and a parallel to that has continued in the Islamic world.

Other authorities who see this as “the true esoteric Kabbalah”

I remind you- Vital = Lurianic Kabbalah, i.e. he was the writer behind the sequel to the Talmud.

If Jews were such noble people they wouldn’t have to systematically hide anyone who asks questions about them. That itself makes them suspicious.

I honestly just feel hated by the entire world, and that’s how it’s been everyday for too many years now, and that’s how brainwashed they have everyone. You don’t even care to see what they really think about you? You deserve it then. “Yes, they are our slaves, good for you for realizing it, mosey away now.” It’s true!

Even the goyim want Jew-understanders to be poor and alone. A month now since I stopped putting effort into this place and that might as well be a lobotomy. There’s no incentive to oppose fraudworld, because people obviously don’t like to realize they’re a citizen of it. Feeling that redemption yet, nigger? Your only redemption is eliminating the remaining minority on earth that can see you for what you are, as covered in fur and acting like something less than human. Feel redeemed?

Not to be cliche, I think it’s obvious the Romeo and Juliet story is real, and I just take the poison and dagger for both of us. Then I get to keep on living afterward. And you live too. Maybe you experienced those deaths yourself. Pretty much any classic of the canon you can apply to politics of today and aren’t able to talk about them directly, because they’re timeless. Just because our political order doesn’t want you to believe certain things are real doesn’t mean they aren’t.

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