I just can’t quit you, baby!

Hopefully soon though.

I got the kindle version of that Perl satire, and it’s dripping with sarcasm as they say

Nakhmen = Nachman = great-grandson of the Besht

I’m tempted to sort through these 400 pages just to learn more about this specifically

In the meantime other “coincidences” can be mined

This isn’t about the US of today remember

Apparently lots of people fell for this satire back in the day, i.e. they regarded it as a holy book.

I’m just going to ctrl+f “husk” – the joys of technology

And the third asked him if he too speaks with them [gentiles] only so as to extract the holy sparks from them so that they should be left empty

Definitely not a good sign to find in one of the first critical works on Hasidism.

When you see anti-white propaganda (in one of the countless subtle forms it takes) isn’t it a feeling of emptiness you’re left with? That’s by design.

Another interesting thing about this satire is that it’s interspersed with country bumpkin dialect. Perl attempts to convey that it’s simpletons that took over Judaism.

For instance

The extent to which the Hasidim were products of Zevi-inspired incest is an open question for serious historians to take up.

Let’s look at the rest of this passage to get a better understanding of our political order

(Tomor is a rabbi.)

Recently I tried watching a couple youtube videos on the partzufim by different rabbis, and… I did get that impression. Observe carefully and you may be surprised what you find. “I can’t listen to this androgynous chimp for another second” I thought, and exed out of them.

Ehhhh COVID makes higher order thinking impossible. I’m trying to figure out how to play that Iranian Revolution video game I mentioned a while back.

These look fun too

Dark ~fantasy~ world, sure…

I wish I could just be the kind of person I am (honest) and have a normal life, a career and family. Nope, only liars get good things in life.

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