Yessss I forgot about this guy!

He has been persecuted for a number of years in Ukraine

You know how it’s rumored that Hodos has a following in Ukraine, a “library” based on his thought? The person in question here is Matveev, someone who’s built on Hodos’ work.

I first posted about him here.

Is it just me or am I the only one who’s been writing about Ukraine the last couple years before this war broke out? Literally can’t think of any other American. You don’t know shit, so shut your mouth. Ahh it feels good to be a device that can detect earthquakes years in advance. “You need to die!! We want people like you poor and alone!!” What a watermelon rind of a smile you have.

a group of oligarchs and millionaires of Ukraine who continue to ruthlessly exploit the resources and rob the people of the country. It is shown that the oligarchs are dominated by persons of Jewish nationality and professing Judaism, who work closely and often coordinate with Israel and the United States

Matveev has hundreds of articles on this subject, which he condensed into a book.

It isn’t just billionaires like Kolomoisky, there are hundreds of millionaires too that are more under-the-radar. They robbed the Russian people under so-called (((communism))) then fled with their money to Ukraine after the USSR fractured.

It’s funny how you can even find awareness of this fact on the Arab and Farsinet.

The niggers who want a (((USSR))) in the USA are willfully blind to all the dirty secrets of 20th century Russia.

Hopefully you’ve learned to accept that if you didn’t live in a society built on illusions instead of a first and last name you’d be referred to as “nigger”, and that would be closer to reality than pretending you have a soul and an independent personality.

The subhumans of the west embrace jewish control despite its inevitable consequences because it offers them a brief window of time where they are given an inflated respect they don’t deserve. When you’re an actual person you think more in terms of the long-term, and see that the kikes are merely flattering people with falsities so that they can rob and destroy yet another country.

Anyway, the guy’s name is В.И. Матвеев if you want to google him.

How is any of this ~cruel~? I simply call animals animals. Is that “mean” somehow? Do you want to live in a society of animals? If not then learn how to detect a nigger and call it what it is.

“You make me feel like a turd with arms and legs, and and and a peanut in it.” Yes, that’s what you are, you need to be flushed down the toilet.

That’s a real nasty stinker there, it’s strange how it wears nice clothes and is a member of a corporation. Are all their friends like them? And they all pretend they don’t smell that bad?

“Pretend we don’t smell, OR ELSE!” Yeah that’s the policy in the good ol US, glad you support it.

Shooting a white nigger in the head is like flushing the toilet, think of it that way.

When do I get my own stand-up special for this anyway? Oh, I’d be boo’d and possibly murdered in the parking lot? Alright I’ll stick with this medium then.

If you’re not laughing, it’s a sign of what you are. Scientific evidence that you can feel in your very emotion when reading this. It’s a nigger that is 1/3rd of a person if they’re lucky.

Jee, how can you even look someone in the eye if you’re someone like that? Hence you’re afraid to look me in the eye.

Why do you have access to wifi? Anything you do with this technology is equivalent to swinging on a branch and hooting. You pollute a Brahmin space with nigger stench.

I hope my fellow Brahmins are having a good day.

Matveev – one of the few sources that can be trusted about any of this. Only “Hodosians”. One of Dugin’s recent articles is so sad. Pure shabbos goy propaganda, he might as well be an American. Ouch! Well, at least he admitted a few days before that that both sides are propaganda, so who knows what’s going on with him. Bein’ a court-philosopher ain’t easy. You’re not going to catch me as a jester with bells on my hat and shoes doing a little jig for you. Russians do tend to have a syndrome similar to the Irish, so there’s that too in Dugin’s case.

Who can even survive this place? If you can then you are dear to me, a loved one.

Seriously. So many liars in the world. This isn’t even “cruel” to me, it’s nothing.

Are you able to match Matveev? I doubt it.

He goes into detail about that clue I mentioned the other day regarding Ukrainian property being handed over to Jews.

Do you know how much skin cancer Israelis get? They want an alternative home-base to that desert.

Matveev says it isn’t merely hundreds of properties they’re seeking in Ukraine, it’s tens of thousands.

There’s one particular family involved in this that I won’t name–(use your imagination)–and they are interested in the oil fields of Ukraine also. This same family is interested in the oil fields of the Golan Heights and Syria generally. The dreamed-of “New Khazaria” is vast…

I think it was about a year ago that I warned that after Biden was elected there would either be a war in Ukraine or Iran

It should also be noted that Israel began to receive the first oil from Iraqi Kurdistan: the tanker SCF Altai stood up for unloading in the port of Ashdod. This is Kurdistan’s first deal, which also confirms Israel’s support for the Kurds and interest in creating a crisis situation in Iraq, as well as in Ukraine. 

Also of note- their moshiach Schneerson was born in Nikolaev, Ukraine. Those hundreds of Jewish millionaires and billionaires are Chabadniks. Thus this is a veritable Holy Land to them, and they want control. Two Slavic cousins dying there could only be a good thing for them.

After the US is niggered, Ukraine does seem like a more prime location from which to do business with the new superpower, China.

This is an incisive way of putting it – look out for these types, they’re EVERYWHERE

the organizers launched the “heavy artillery of European PR” on the Kiev Maidan – the odious provocateur of the Zionist Bernard-Henri Levy as a “European intellectual”. According to our colleagues, Levy, by manipulating the “society of the spectacle” and generating ephemeral “ideological simulacra”, worked out the orders of the builders of the “new world order” who were ideologically close to him

Ideological simulacra… it’s the air we breathe.

HIM TOO?? Who is surprised?

Like Platonov, the best people who can comment on the Ukraine situation are facing legal issues.

This is the jid you see in a hundred pictures with Putin

Chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar demanded the use of “the toughest actions” in connection with the speech of Vladimir Matveev

Here is a link to another writing of Matveev’s.


This was THREE DAYS after he gave a lecture on historiography in a webinar.

I’m looking for his older writings on Ukraine and I have to sort through all these headlines about this more recent lecture of his. I haven’t determined if he’s still alive today. Here is an article from 2008. Just more evidence that you can’t understand the current war in Ukraine without understanding the Pale.

A petition was written in defense of Matveev by someone else who was put on trial. When you get a glance at this general iceberg it’s tough to see Putin as a sovereign emperor.

Weird.. that post of mine on Matveev was written January 11, 2021, only a couple weeks before he gave that webinar and was fired and hospitalized.

This might be better than Platonov, because Matveev writes extensively about Ukraine.

As if the “gulag” ever went away, as if there isn’t a gulag in the US…

I noticed that yet another set of niggers recently made a music video involving my gulag. I bet Matveev doesn’t have to deal with that at least. The revenge for burning the social contract just never ends here.

Cool, a couple other names mentioned with the real ones

A selection of statements by political scientists, a scientist, an entrepreneur and a bard of Ukraine – E. Hodos, Devyatov, Shkolnikov, V. Matveev about Solomon’s plan to Judaize the world elites and how it ends for the “goyim”, in particular

“How it ends for us, we don’t care.” How it ends? It already has ended for you, you’re already niggers.

Just let people die I guess

The book will be useful to anyone who wants to understand the real causes of the global crisis in Ukraine and find ways out of it.

Meanwhile I still have Esther in my inbox begging for my seed, you can’t make this up, my life is a perfect symptom of ZOG

Jews and half-breeds, and / or married to Jewish women. The destructive nature of the activities of the Jewish clans in Ukraine and the monopoly of the Jewish oligarchs in the vital areas of the economy and industry, and energy have been proved. 

Is anyone as amused about all this as I am? I hope they are. I like to pretend I have fellow Brahmins out there…

Wtf could this be about

also shares the validity of the forecasts of the American intelligence services about the “folding” of the Israel project by 2025

Sorry for all the ellipses, Matveev is just one of those rare kinds of people that cause that mood…

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