Franki is the only one who speaks my language

The Sephirothic structure is not left behind, Putin merely represents the left column which is necessary for what they take to be the ascent toward the Age of Grace. Or in terms of the partzufim, he is Zeir Anpin, i.e. a secondary god that expresses harsh judgment in the service ultimately of Erich Anpin.

Learning from Franki though that there is a specialist on the zogging of Canada. Maybe I’ve been callous to not think or speak much about my bordering country. His name is Лев Гунин.

Good question from the get-go

Who staged the genocide (massacre) of Russians, Germans, Armenians, Palestinians, and others?

I thank my lucky stars every day I’m living in their main target now after these others were dealt with.

Look what else he talks about – must be a coincidence there are so many with this ~~theory~~

Who and why planned the revival of Khazaria in the Crimea, in part of Ukraine, the Rostov region, etc. .d. – exactly 66 years after the creation of the “Jewish state” in PalestineIsrael?

Sorry if you have fallen with me through the floor of the Vatican to discover all these dusty manuscripts. It’s what a real Christian would care about in my opinion.

I don’t like this “reverse Crusades” bullshit. The “holy land” conquering the west, nah. I want to capture the holy land once again. I forget, did I note that my experience of addressing world jewry on here is like the lift-operator taking over the ski-resort? I’m just waving at you from the peak, looking at you with my binoculars, and you don’t realize it, speck.

Certain kinds of people just don’t tolerate this

about slavery in the “Jewish state”“restructuring” of the Western countries and the whole world according to the Israeli model

He refers to the Euromaidan Uprising as the 9/11 of Ukraine. Maybe that’s a way Americans can understand what’s happening there today.

My Canadian friends will be happy that it appears that someone like him has tons of articles on their country.

Just having that epiphany again that “our” community exists mostly in other places and other times.

The people of today are not my community, except Franki and a few others, and he’s even in a different place.

Just relaying who my “Russian informants” are thinking of as this Ukraine conflict unfolds.

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