Well that was fun (if you know you know). I’ve always never hesitated to put both my id and superego on the internet for the feds, and everyone else, to see.

I need to get out of here, the internet is not a healthy place for perceptive people. Back in the day, small villages, a dozen or so normies to deal with, now with this technology the fallenness of humanity is too easy to see.

What you have to understand is that I’ve been cursed to have a strong link with the rabble. Usually they kept people like me away from grand-scale populations, and I see that wasn’t only for the benefit of the rabble.

I still see the herd as my cousin in a way, just an ugly, stupid one. You have no idea how much of a curse that is, having to be so close with them. I did it because I found a somewhat similar nature with a few of the herd-representatives. They can’t be saved either. Thus I’ve been upping the ante on cutting the cord with my connections to this place. Just one “unforgivable” statement after another. Yes, die, go away, this was only an experiment that demonstrated the worst things about humanity.

No, that’s not exactly true. It demonstrated also that the upper-class is coerced into their beliefs, at least in part. They have a golem side and a free side. And ultimately they cleave to their inner-golem.

I frequently imagine non-Americans in sociology-mode when reading this. Yes, life is awful in the US if you’re a perceptive person. Most cleave to their inner-golem because they know that. Life is probably awful for them too on some level. The ethos here is characterized by a snuffing of the vision of the difference between good and evil. They see it and they do not say they see it. I’m a pretty good mind-reader and even I can’t fathom what effects that would cause in someone. Is it a “crushing” feeling? To see it and not say it? I just imagine maggots writhing in someone’s heart. Suffocating?

Ultimately, whatever that feeling is, it is not enough. They decide to be golems.

Given the “high-stakes” happening in the world at the moment, I’d appreciate knowing about this dynamic within Russia and Ukraine. The rabble and the upper-class. What is the psychology going on there?

Of course that’s an impossible question to answer because you’d offend both parties if you told the truth. Speaking from experience, I don’t regret cutting the cord. The truth is unforgivable.

Are you sure you yourself aren’t suffocating? How could one possibly find fulfillment when connected with the herd or pseudo-brahmins?

Kind of interesting to think that nuclear war can be initiated on the plane of ideas.

If the “global brahmins” try something like that then they risk being nuked themselves. Okay, that’s fine, I just wanted people to look in the mirror and see a nigger and know that it was true, I don’t care what happens to me afterwards. Ape-people run the world, the alarm needs to be sounded.

Just speaking honestly, I wouldn’t mind if a light nuclear war took place. Obviously I don’t want a nuclear winter or “dead planet”, I just think extreme war is necessary to shake people out of their stupor. London is nuked, Paris is nuked, Moscow is nuked, now we have to start over. The West vs. Russia is an illusion- neither civilization is worth saving. If I had nuclear bombs I would drop them on NYC. It’s worth the risk. It’s the center of Apeworld. If you recoil from entertaining such an intense thought maybe I can meet you in the middle and say that something terrible needs to happen to the west in order to prevent a global apocalypse. Nuclear war is a global apocalypse? No, the continuing influence of the west is a global apocalypse.

-white apes reading this- “I don’t understand!” It’s because you’re already one of the tragic victims of it.

To be more moderate I’ll say something between non-action and nuclear war needs to take place.

To play the optimist, perhaps we in the US can learn from Putin here how to do this on our own side of the world.

-the apes- “Only within our own golem limits!” That’s non-action.

Go ahead, suffocate instead, as I see less and less hope in you.

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