It’s telling how they divide the map in this way

Only if you are part of these “colored” countries above will you understand with clarity why the map is divided in such a way.

“Even the Czechs are cut off?!” They’re not the only ones who should be cut off from this map. Don’t worry, I’m not sadistically laughing right now.

“These are people’s LIVES you’re messing with.” Some races are just faulty robots that need to be scrapped. We’ve gotten beyond the pale now with that haven’t we?

There are two different “western supremacism” perspectives on the Russians, one being the liberals’, and they’re their own kind of faulty robot. Examine yourself to see if you root for Russians out of shitlib motivations. There are people on both the left and right that hate Russia or love Russia for all the wrong reasons.

My own personal intuition is that they are indeed Oriental, except only about say 10%, and their loathing of the west inflates this percent. Orientals are scum to us western Europeans.

Why can’t progs be as honest about that? Well, they’re a type of scum themselves.

I feel like I exemplify the pinnacle of both the racists and the progs with my misanthropy. Do I want to live ANYWHERE with people with my DNA? Fuck no I don’t. They’re all pieces of shit, I hate them all, the British in particular. Why can’t either racists or progs just scorch the earth like this?

So, when you look at western Europe, that’s what we’re dealing with here. They’re a bunch of negros too.

Still, most people can’t even admit the supremacism of western Europe in monkeyworld.

“He’s going to start talking about the jews now.” No I’m not, don’t act like you “know me”.

The real way of understanding geopolitics you’re going to see pretty much nowhere. Western Europe has sunk so low that even Eastern Europeans (i.e. Russians) are beginning to look admirable. Europe is already at second-world standards, and Russia is merely the superior second-worlder.

This is because it’s in reality two orientals against each other. Russia is oriental (via Mongols, proximity to China, etc.) and western Europe is oriental because of jews and junker-whites pandering to them.

It’s possible to just say orientals have trash genetics and what’s best in western Europe should be enshrined as the ideal.

Is this not a “twist of events”? Mongoloids vs. Mongoloids, that’s what western Europe fighting eastern Europe means.

Both sides are jewed by nosed-mongoloids, and the eastern side is actually part mongoloid themselves, and that somehow prevented them from falling as low as the western side in the nosed-mongoloids’ plot. Try to parse this, good luck. It’s impossible to parse if you’re 99% of races. Niggerbrains are incapable of processing information.

“Aren’t you Italian?” One of the only people who sided with the Germans. What more proof do you need? Fighting for the allies or being neutral, what a spineless nigger. You probably continue to show your true colors in the present day by kissing goblin toes in one way or another.

Being objective though, it’s interesting to note that there’s a u-shape phenomenon in Europe, where under and around the center there are questionable types- Irish, Italian, Russian.

I say we can learn from them more than we can learn from the nosed-mongoloids.

I’m just a philosophy-enthusiast at the end of the day, I’m willing to genocide any race if they deserve it, and Central Europe seems to be the one place I’d refrain from genociding, because thinkers from there seem to speak the most truth.

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