Taking an intriguing cue from Dugin that part of what makes Ukrainians a distinct ethnos from the Russians is the influence Catholicism has had in their region.

It was called the Galicia–Volhynia principality back in the day. The first Catholic churches appeared three centuries after the first Orthodox churches in the mid-1200s.

Only about 7% of Ukrainians are Catholic. It seems Catholicism gave a twist to their Orthodoxy more than anything.

It’s not a new theme here that religion creates peoples.

Like I said, in order to clear the fog of war I’ve been fluctuating on the perception of this conflict. In this post, as the previous one, I’m pretending ZOG isn’t part of the equation. Exo/eso. So, pretending ZOG doesn’t exist, the pertinent question in this context is how western of a people ARE Ukrainians? Because from the surface of it, being majority Orthodox, it appears they are more eastern than western and thus should be in Russia’s sphere of influence rather than the EU’s. (Sadly both sides are in someone else’s sphere of influence… bracketing that for now.) I’ve never sat in a Ukrainian church so I couldn’t tell you how Catholic it is, that’s why it’s good to have the internets. By the way, this claim about “Catholic Orthodoxy” is made about Belarus too, so that’s another internet to research on.

Having different ideas about God? Yeah, I think that’s going to shape people in fundamentally different ways. How can fallen Americans understand this? It’s like people who wanted Bernie to win vs. people who wanted Biden to win. Approx approx. Sad I have to resort to such a comparison. “God” is so far removed from people’s minds here, it’s an empty concept.

One of the most obvious signs Russians and Ukrainians are distinct peoples is they don’t speak the same language. Out of most things religion is probably one of the main things that made them distinct, so here’s some random background about that

Part of the Orthodox churches, monasteries and church lands were confiscated by decree of the Catholic king and transferred to the Catholic Church. On the territory of the former Galicia-Volyn principality in 1361, the Lviv and Galician Roman Catholic dioceses were opened. 

The point is before they were Jew’d, they were Cath’d. In that sense Ukraine was like a “wall” protecting Russian Orthodoxy. It still is. Hence this conflict. Would YOU like to be a country between Russia and the EU? Sounds like a place that can only be torn in half and put back together again and again.

You can read more about Ukrainians’ forced conversions to Catholicism and their resistance to it across the centuries here.

This map kind of says it all about the EU’s “right” to Ukraine

It’s called a subtle, forced conversion to liberalism. Click here to read some persuasive theories on why Catholicism-Protestantism led to liberalism and Orthodoxy didn’t.

“No I’m just going to cry about bombs while watching the new real-life season of Servant of the People.” Dupe.

Anyway, if Russians and Ukrainians are indeed distinct ethoses–whether Catholicism was forced on them or not “Catholic Orthodox” is simply who they are today–another question to ask is whether they should be left alone by BOTH the western and eastern countries surrounding them. I’ve seen it expressed a few times that Russia has a certain “paternal” attitude to Ukraine, even referring to Ukrainians as “Little Russians”. You can say that’s condescending–sometimes the truth is condescending. From my research, Poland and Ukraine were the most backward places in Europe over the last few centuries. Wow, the places with the most жиди in Europe before the war, must be a coincidence!

Heh I’m actually reading up on the history of religion there from the Rusnet because like I said, not much brightness on the Ukenet. The (((EU))) wants to clownworld these naive people, just say no. In sum, the question to ask is why did they remain Orthodox throughout it all with so many Catholics at their borders? That by itself is proof that Russia has more of a right to paternalism than these EU atheizers. The truth is they don’t want Russia to invade because they want to atheize Russia next.

It’s not over til it’s over though

I just wish people put more effort into studying these things before getting on a soapbox with a megaphone–sometimes with audiences of millions–and acting like they know anything about this conflict.

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