I’ve been meaning to learn the numbers that open this safe

“What about my safe, don’t you want to open that instead?” I’ve already opened that, and it’s likely it’s less interesting than what’s in Schmitt’s. Okay, maybe not, depending who you are, but still. People’s political psyches and personas are an open book to me, I probably belong in the Smithsonian to be honest.

Sticking with someone more enigmatic for now though, the standard myth you find about Schmitt is that he was only critical of the Radhanite slavers jews as a form of opportunism to appease the nazis after they gave him a slap on the wrist in 1936 for deviating from party orthodoxy. Scholars have a tendency to wear rosey lenses about their favorite theorists because they can’t cope with someone being so brilliant and at the same time so far away from today’s political correctness. The truth is Schmitt was antisemitic decades before the nazis arrived on the scene and remained antisemitic decades after they were gone. It’s present as early as 1913 in his satire Silhouettes. If you consider yourself a “political person” this should be of interest to you because Schmitt was one of the leading theorists of “the political” of the 20th century. (How many people talk about politics everyday without ever having thought about what “the political” itself is? Lots of bio-bots.)

Schmitt defended himself at the Nuremberg trials by claiming that his theories were in the service of “scientific” ends. A vast amount of Chinese scholars today seem to agree, even if his legacy in the west is controversial.

Schmitt’s thought alone could save the west, given that arguably the main problem here is that all the dupes are friends with the enemy. Take a step back and try to look at it from the outside- people who are friends with someone who sees them as the enemy belong in mental wards. “We love people who hate us, yay!” exclaims the blabbering nutcase.

A “tell” that I’ve noticed among the ambiguous “ethnic” type of women in the US is if she either relates to or envies AOC. If she perceives herself as the same species as a third-worlder like her she has nigger eggs, try to keep your sperm away from that curse. “Wow! Harsh!” Hey, some of them are tough to tell apart- we can distinguish between muds, jews, and Volk. Objectively. Do you want an objectively NPC future for Earth? Jews have zero doubt about who is their friend and who is their enemy, or what Schmitt called Gleichartigkeit, meaning “being of the same kind”. Tell me reader, do you perceive me as an alien or as the same kind as you?

Gleichheit actually translates as “equality”. Schmitt uses Gleichartigkeit to critique the bourgeois-liberal conception of equality. Yeah, if you’re aryan, euro, hyperborean, whatever you want to call it, I see you as my equal in a sense, whether you’re a moron, golem, woman or what have you. Phenomenologically this is a universal experience among euros, it’s just suppressed. Certain “aliens” facilitate this suppression. I do not perceive these aliens known as jews as my equal, I experience them as wretched things born to either be or aspire to be white-collar criminals, in a fate they cannot escape. Yes, lies of omission are active sins, keep making up excuses though. Nothing looks better on a jew than an orange jumpsuit and a “Bubba” neck tattoo, and if you don’t see that you’re my enemy, and thus an enemy of yourself since you’re friends with someone who sees you as the enemy. Schmitt’s logic is pretty devastating.

The fact of the matter is that the true enemy of the bioleninists is the euro man, and thus the jews are an enemy of an enemy and thus a friend. Not a clique I’d want to smell, let alone be part of. They all reek of generations of dirt, in nearly every word they say. Nah, can’t say they’re my ideal “friend”. And if you’ve ever participated in redacting someone who is wiser than you then you might as well be part of this clique. Surprise identity reveal- you’re a nigger! Wait, where’s the confetti raining down? Isn’t this time for celebration?

“What if I, a Jew, see you as a friend against the enemy humanity?” Probably a concept for a fictional work. And that’s tragic, because if humanity isn’t your enemy you’re doing something direly wrong. The doctrine of the Regression of the Castes is a reality- most of the world is plebs, and the ones who aren’t plebs “just let evil happen” without doing anything about it, so really there isn’t much of value on the entire earth. Passive non-plebs are no friends of mine.

Show me someone who unfolds the Schmitt-telos to the extent seen in this shitpost- they’re probably my friend. Given the nonexistence of that I behold a world of enemies.

Don’t people care about Gleichartigkeit? I.e. finding others of the same kind as them? You have to be as meticulous and controversial as the above to do that.

“I already have found those, it’s that clique of slime which I so adore!” With friends like those I bet you’re happy and life is fulfilling. “I’ve never known anything else.” Jeez, not often do I feel sympathy for my enemy, I feel kind of sad for you.

Anyway, some of my posts which mention both Schmitt and Heidegger cast more light on this general subject, person reading this who is obviously my enemy. Decoding Schmitt’s diaries and letters will have to be for a different time, the study I’m examining is too dense to gather all the threads in one go- not everyone is as easy to read as you.

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