Jünger actually has a correspondence with Scholem too. I’m still in a “you need your medals revoked” mood though so I’m looking at Scholem’s correspondence with Arendt now instead. Their friendship began via their mutual respect for that communist Benjamin.

“Why do you keep talking about Scholem, I don’t get it.” Here’s why

I’m not afraid to say that a culture’s intellectuals are important. Want to talk in euphemisms instead? The reeking mob can leave this place. Do you know how soul-deadening it is to babytalk people all the time? You probably don’t even know anything different. That’s “democracy”, constant babytalk mode.

Here we have a couple of the most prominent Jewish intellectuals of recent times

Arendt shared Scholem’s lack of illusion about life in a non-Jewish environment and asserted that he who wants to assimilate must (also) assimilate into anti-Semitism.

I’m also not afraid to say that the interaction between these two is particularly interesting to me because it’s between a man and a woman.

“People” aren’t all just interchangeable. There are specific types of people. I would even call them specific types of “essences”. Does that make you upset at all? It makes lots of people upset, and the kind it makes upset has a specific type of essence. Found out!

There’s a similarity between the two in question that tells us a lot about our zeitgeist

Arendt… developed the notion of a “hidden tradition” of the pariah. Unlike the previous approaches to Jewish history, hers was not, as Walter Benjamin noted, “edifying” or “apologetic.” The same can be said for Scholem’s rediscovery of the often-concealed, rejected, and forgotten Jewish mystics and sects, figures who during the period of emancipation were considered embarrassing remnants of the past from which Jews had happily liberated themselves on their way west, or so they thought.

Everyperson is an embarrassing Pariah now. Or at least we could say the telos is moving in that direction. The process of Jews being expected to conform to the West has reversed, and the West is expected to conform to Judaism.

Don’t think I don’t recognize that freaks exist. Essences can have nuance. There is a golem essence. It can have nuance. They aren’t ALL precisely the same. Nevertheless, what is often before me is essentially a golem.

I decided to “dip out” of this cultural hypnotics of conforming to Judaism. That itself reveals an essence.

If you’re here you’re probably some kind of golem freak. If I had to guess you could probably use some psychotherapy. That is therapy done by a psycho, because probably mostly only some type of psycho escapes said process.

People are always talking about being afraid of the government chipping their brain. Look at the above map. That is a type of “chip” that has been implanted in your brain. Those expulsions and the psychology that led to them has been superimposed on your psyche.

“Don’t you dare imply I’M a STRIPPER!” I wasn’t implying that??

Aw man I’m kicked out of another “library” then I guess.

Anyway, in the scholarship they just can’t help telling on themselves endlessly

Beautifying someone like Zevi warrants another expulsion in my opinion. Normal morality doesn’t apply to Jews though so obviously Scholem is only honored and fanned with ferns for doing that.

I wish a millennial Yid would speak on this subject, I think it would hit different if a younger person put it in a way that “we” talk

Arendt was fascinated by his hypothesis that the movement for Jewish reform, which had always been considered to be part and parcel of Jewish emancipation, could be seen as the “outgrowth of the debacle of the last great Jewish political activity, the Sabbatian movement”

They simply ACT Sabbatian rather than talk about WHY they act that way.

I have to tell you, it feels pretty good to be on my own path, as it were. You have to decisively break with the cultural hypnotics in order to see it for what it is. Sabbatai was indeed a false messiah, thus the state religion of ZOGworld is a false religion. Kind of like how most people see Mormons. Knock on my door with that and I will inform you of all of the above.

Doing a zoom-out though, philosophers are kind of jerks. They strive to talk about the Source that CONTAINS everything that everyone says. You say what you say and are what you are because you’re presupposing X, Y, and Z. It is a type of megalomania that identifies as the Source itself and seeks to PRECEDE the Source. That’s what’s usually going on here. I have no idea why I never see this type of self-awareness expressed at shekina.mybb, Unz, etc. Anyway, the Jews have Zevi and Frank, and the Germans have their own thinkers who I learned how to do this from. You can too, theoretically. My hope is to one day see a brown woman do it. That will be the key signifier of the fundamental crumbling of the hebraic hypnotics. Even white anons rarely ever speak this way, so it’s not something I expect to happen overnight.

The following puts such a smirk on my face – imagine two living millennial Yids talking to each other in public this way

she described the pleasure of reading his essay “The Golem”: “It is so enormously enjoyable to get both history and essence without the modernistic nonsense and the superficial fantasies of the Master Interpreters”

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