Heidegger was on fire in his late Freiburg lectures, easily some of my favorite writings of all time. Let’s take a snapshot of these

[49] here I never thought to read, even though it’s sandwiched between some of the best material out there in my opinion–probably because I inherited the idea that Schelling is chopped liver because he was a contemporary of Hegel. So I’m going to take a look at this one.

the Freedom Treatise is a treatise on “evil.” Thus, “human freedom” and “evil” must be essentially connected

Heidegger claims this treatise is the PEAK [Gipfel] of German Idealism, and I want to hear him out on that.

What’s odd is that the treatise is only about 80 pages and Schelling didn’t publish anything else in his lifetime after it for 45 years. Further, Heidegger devoted two lecture-courses to it- one in 1936, another in 1941. Published only a couple years after Hegel’s Phenomenology, so that’s probably why you never heard of it.

“You’re only obsessed with this era of Heidegger’s because he was a Nazi!!” Yeah, that’s part of it, certainly not all of it.

How could something like this possibly be political anyway?

I appreciate so much that I have a “professor” to help me through some of these texts, because many of them are extremely difficult, and frankly make me feel stupid. So you might not be alone if you ever feel that way here.

This is when actual humans were alive, pretty crazy

Because we all know that the Spongebob-watching millennials received the BEST educations in HISTORY!

Suppose that understanding a treatise on freedom could make one freer?

Do you think that’s possible at all? It almost seems like a type of magic, if it were possible.

I’m not making any promises, that just seems to be the implicit objective. No one has done a better job at that than Nietzsche for me, and Schelling&co’s milieu is where his thought emerged from.

“You’re TOO free!! I want to flamethrow you!!” And that’s why I like being on the internet, nice distance from the freedom-hating plebs.

Let’s see if this magic spell has any effect on you

it appeals to its own freedom (as the elucidation of existence) and makes space for its own unconditioned activity through conjuring up transcendence

Freedom is from out of your own self- you have to freely choose to be free.

I truly believe that there is probably a “trick” to make any person freer. It’s not always going to be the same for everyone. Most people will read the above quote and their eyes will glaze over for instance. Or maybe you’re like me and feel a stirring of freedom you never knew you had. It’s like a chemical experiment, not everyone is made of the same chemicals and thus not everyone has the same reactions to other chemicals.

It seems like the most important thing in the world, and thus it’s not the easiest thing in the world.

I think that this can give anyone anxiety

only very late does one have the courage for what one actually knows

Your own self pins yourself down. Who is the real you there? The one that’s pinned or the one doing the pinning?

Part of what freedom is is the ability to decide whether to keep yourself pinned or not.

It seems this course is somewhat jumbled notes rather than systematic lectures like the other ones I screenshot above, so I’m just musing on random lines

such an attempt is the least capable of leaping out of its times

Do you pin yourself or do “the times” pin you?

I imagine it as a sort of smothering of one’s spirit, that’s chained to earth, when it yearns to ascend into the air.

If someone else is in the air they are sometimes able to pull others from the earth into the air. This is what types like Schelling and Heidegger are able to do.

I might as well just say that this is the devil to the jews.

They’re beings that are a quarter air and three quarters earth themselves, and they use their air quarter to keep the goyim fully on earth. It’s an existential–potentially fatal–threat to them if a goy rises into the air. Especially when, from the air, one calls the others to the air.

The scary thing is that those Germans simply understood freedom better than our own countrymen. This is in part because they had such profound articulators of the meaning of freedom. I think it’s more difficult in America because the people here are so variegated. I doubt an Italian vibes precisely with what I say, I doubt a Celt vibes precisely with what I say. That’s the disadvantage of not being a strictly Volk-based country. No one understands each other here. Perhaps only the Jews understand each other enough for it to matter. The goyim “understand” the Jews insofar as “sit and stay; good girl” is “understood”.

Okay I’ve deviated some from the subject here. This course is in part a commentary on Heidegger’s own book Being and Time, and I had to skip through all that to get back to Schelling specifically.

This is why the air is taboo, because it’s possible to fly toward evil once you’re free.

The problem is, you have to go there to “fight” them, it’s necessarily a fight in the air

Evil is spiritual, indeed it is “what is most purely spiritual”: “for it wages the fiercest war against all being {Seyn}, indeed it would like to cancel out {aufheben} the ground of creation

No one wants to do it because once in the air they are a target, they are on the radar. And alas, that’s the only way to fight them.

You fight yourself to keep yourself out of the air. Part of you yearns to fight them but you are afraid.

“I’m not going into the air to do that, because that might as well be like traveling to a zone of radiation.” That is true. Ironically, in the air there is no air- it’s easy to suffocate. Get cancer, vomit, etc. The air isn’t about going on vacation. It’s a flirtation with evil in order to fight evil. You need to leave the ground of creation in order to have the freedom necessary for that.

Another way to put it

In evil, the human strives – of his own accord and in a selfish manner, precisely – for what God’s love is

This is what “they” do. You have to join them in that realm to some extent to show that there is another way. How do you fight the demiurge without something as strong as a demiurge?

In evil, will wills to be the will of the ground and to possess the ground in its will as universal will.

ZOG is not the universal will, there is an alternative, one that is closer to God. That’s the best a mere human flying around can hope to demonstrate.

It’s essentially a mocking counter-Yahweh. Or an evil twin that can reveal Yahweh as the evil twin.

Yeah just taking a preliminary glance at this difficult course. It is intriguing that 1941 Heidegger claimed it’s the peak of German Idealism.

I leave you with the question of what is the appropriate response to a (sabbatean) people that does this?

Evil achieves its proper and essential actuality only in spirit, namely in the creaturely spirit that, as selfhood, is able to place itself the farthest away from God and against God, and claim the whole of beings for itself.

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