Okay, I can’t resist dialecticizing to this

Hegel’s logic, the logic of the speculative reason, in which therefore the logic of understanding (Verstandslogik), the Aristotelian logic is contained but as an element and moment.

Maybe this looks like torture to you. It need not be. There are are ways of putting it into simple language.

Just to be direct with you, it doesn’t really matter if it’s expressed in simple language, because the way most people’s minds work is through “Revelation-mode”, and Marx is the closest thing they can understand to logic, and they ineluctably interpret pre-Marx as a form of “paganism”, even if Marx was a decline from Hegel. Marx himself is one of these “moments” in Hegel’s system, similar to Aristotle.

Some of the Bolshevik intelligetsia were fully aware of this, and I don’t think the same can be said about the minds in the US (unless they’re secretive about it).

“Full Communism” isn’t a true Ideal unless pre-Marx thinkers are incorporated on their own terms. Reading everything through Marx will result in the immanentization of only a “moment” of Hegel’s system. And we are in fact seeing something like this unfold today.

Not to say that our pseudo-elite caste has even read Marx in many cases, it’s just that he was the way the voice of the Enlightenment condensed down the densest and he expressed a popular viewpoint that people don’t really need to read him to understand. This is not the case with types like Aristotle and Hegel. The masses are completely blind to what they stand for.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that Marx is probably the only one people understand from the history of philosophy, and they see everything through him, and in a 2022 interpretation. Lots happened before and after Marx. To not understand those “moments” you can’t even understand Marx.

Let’s just take some of my favorite examples here- Aristotle, Hegel, Heidegger. The typical superficial-marxist left-lib would be destroyed within minutes by any of them. Their beliefs do not hold up. They cannot tolerate a discussion involving definitions of their ideas. Yes, and of course I’m indirectly talking about jews here as well. Just consider how they have to hide people who make them feel like a total nigger. What kind of “person” does that? Only a nigger. Same with left-libs, a different species of nigger in my History of Animals. The truth is they are fine being only a “moment” in Hegel’s system. Only aristos (a rapidly decreasing minority) care about Totality. And then even the hegelians of today look at Heidegger as a demon (kelipah) even though he further completed the Aristotelian-Hegelian logik.

There are more sophisticated ways of calling people niggers, I just more and more see no reason to go into detail when it’s already been determined what these “people” are. They are slaves who have faith in a Marx they don’t even understand, let alone understanding his predecessors or those who thought after him. There is no “talking” to a mob of total niggers. They sweat, they shit, they fuck, they sleep, they eat – there’s no “thinking” occurring in such a physis. And there never will be, all their lives even when they shut their eyes for the last time and die. What would an animal care about being more than a mere moment in a system? They want that moment to be all of the system, because it’s the only one they understand.

Hopefully some strong Chinamen have weathered the storm and lingered around here, because this is a problem they will be having in an ACUTE sense in the future on the other side of the world.

Feudal peasants make this “moment” the state-ideology. You can only try to laugh.

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