Looking at Renaissance interpretations of “my favorite trilogy” now

After the Theaetetus, which concerns knowledge (de scientia), one should read the Sophist, which concerns being (de ente); for being is the object of knowledge.

This is Ficino. In his edition the Ion is squeezed between the Theaetetus and the Sophist, and I take that to be like an interlude, and it seems fitting. In his mind, further, it was appropriate to follow the Statesman with the Protagoras, the latter of which he subtitled “contra sophistas”.

Something to know about Ficino

The pinnacle of Neoplatonism for him wasn’t Proclus, it was the founder, Plotinus, who he saw as a “second Plato” and in some cases even wiser than Plato.

You can see Ficino as doing something Schleiermacher did- his translations and commentaries were dominant for centuries.

In today’s world I would have to say that we have an interpretation-hegemony that is a cross between the villainous mustache man and his henchman on one hand, and Strauss/ians on the other.

Proclus, Ficino, Schleiermacher, know much about these? THEY determined the interpretation of the “founder of thinking” before the current set.

Real genealogy of Platonism has never been tried.

So if you’re someone who hasn’t gotten their “education” through TV shows and that kind of bullshit you might now be wondering, what were the crucial dialogues for Ficino? How, as someone who died in 1499, did he view them?

By the way, I honor all thespians and poets (mostly because you’re the necessary filter between truth and the rabble, so I have to flatter you). Really though, who’s this self-aware about culture? In truth maybe I honor you for 1/10th of your output if you’re lucky.

We’ve only circled the base of the Parmenides so far by the way. The Straussians have avoided this dialogue too. So we mostly have to rely on previous time-periods’ interpretations to get a proper sense of the culmination of the founder of thinking.

We can still use the current ones for help though- Ficino was ostensibly a Christian. In my opinion he gives hints that he sees Plato-Plotinus as the true “Bible”.

I just want to tell you this right off- if the closest thing to that you can think of is the Zarathustra I’m going to infer you’re a decadent modern. This is a form of “pop-religion”. Its saving grace is that it’s a “bridge” to Athens. Let’s just talk in a street kind of way- any fucking retard can understand Zarathustra. It requires focus to understand the Athenians, and that is in nearly non-existent supply.

Focus? No. Both Darwin and Marx were right- humanity is mostly evolved apes with peasantish backgrounds. There’s no “focus” there unless you’re an anomaly.

The question here is, Do you want to know what God really is?

Jews, Christians, progs, postmodernists, grifter-“trads”, none of these people are going to help you with that.

Maybe you’re a neechfreek yourself and that’s why you find yourself at a URL such as mine- the following tells you some things about my relation to neech, and particularly what it is NOT

At a certain point one doesn’t imitate neech at all. This is what I call sovereignty and autonomy. One does not simply skip steps. If you try to skip steps you’re just being a sophist who hates rangordnung, and thus God himself.

This is jews, women, plebs, most people.

Do you notice my usual “tone” of talking to you like a pupil? Haha, maybe you’re starting to catch the drift.

Today I’ve been laughing imagining how similar it would be if I had a cute little dotter begging me for candy at the store, and how this is how modern adult women sound when they talk about their right to vote. High, shrill voice, stomping feet, “Pleeease can I have candy??!!”

“I’m two feet tall, can I have the right to vote??”

It’s more sophisticated than that though because you have to flatter women or else you’ll die off and only the liars will reproduce.

The main thing to focus on though in Plato-studies is the JQ, because once that is solved the rest of the problems are trivially easy. I.e. feminism is pushed by jews to make Euros easier to control. Once they’re gone we can have more natural relations. “Do you mean genocide?” Ideally. Do you trust a mischling? I don’t.

In reality, the jew is the main embarrassment of the human species in present history.

No, it isn’t the loincloth people, jews are arguably even more embarrassing to humans!

It’s because it’s an intelligent race that is so flawed.

One looks at a latino as neutral like one looks at a squirrel. With jews you expect more. Unfortunately their desert origins and centuries of exile have made them similar in some ways to the loincloth people.

I only invite you to go back to other times in history and extrapolate

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