I want this isolation

Tibet has long been known to the world as a forbidden land fortified by snow mountains

Nothing can keep the commie zombie hordes away.

Brains are a necessary part of the nutrition of the soulless.

It’s like how some people don’t feel fulfilled in life unless they volunteer at a soup kitchen every once in a while, except with commies they don’t feel fulfilled in life if they’re not actively lowering humanity. It’s oxygen to them.

Just imagine

The time before airplanes. Because the communist niggers would just parachute down these days.

“I’m less than human and want to make people be more like me, what’s wrong with that?”

You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want a room here, away from the kikes and their henchmen

Now there’s probably an armed Marxist guard outside.

I was playing this game recently where you had to discover Shangri-La, which is what brings me to these thoughts.

Tibetans lived up to an altitude of 16,000 feet. For perspective, Everest is 29,000.

I don’t know if you’ve climbed a mountain for a while but even in like a Spring climate most people would probably be near-crippled after 3,000 feet up. It’s like walking up endless staircases, except in a blizzard. This is what I want separating me from the bioleninists!

Land above 12,000 can’t be cultivated, so yak and sheep would graze there.

I know I’m not the only one who yearns to not live in a dystopia. Are YOU ready to be a yak herder, anon?

Look at this good boy, this is a tibetan terrier, I bet he’d bite out a commie’s jugular for you

Here is another canine native to this region

This isn’t some big dumb oaf either

Imagine thinking you can’t apply this same categorization to human species

It’s so much more complex with humans though isn’t it?

Garbage- five green dots for you.

Seriously though. Too many “ill-bred” people out there.

The Han Chinese for instance are godless. I prefer the Tibetans.

One of the ultimate blackpills for our place and time is that most reactionaries are indistinguishable from a godless communist gook these days. Purple hair antifa scum. I want a row of Everests separating me from most Americans.

The Torah tradition was sort of like those mountains for jews, kept them isolated. It seems to have messed them up though, living in countries not their own. It left them without a basic sense of decorum. And before you ask, yeah, maintaining a crypto-communist dystopia indicates a lack of a basic sense of decorum. Keeping people so braindead that those with thoughts like mine represent a fraction of a fraction of a minority is a clear sign of a lack of decorum. I’m being tongue in cheek here to call it that.

I’m ready for a drastic reset

In early times, the barter system prevailed in Tibet, and barley grain was used to make purchases… The barter system has been retained to the present day in remote parts of Tibet. Even fines were levied in grain.

This is how much of a total failure your experiment is, jews. Applause to you for ruining the world you rat kikes.

After all the jews are genocided we’ll go back to the simple things in life

It is customary for people to build their houses facing south to make the most of the sunshine… Prayer flags flutter above every roof.

We’ll simply clone headless jewish bodies in mass factories to be used as dogfood. And we’ll sip coffee and enjoy the sunrise.

Who’s a good boy? You like your breakfast? The good boy gets tender hebrew chunks in gravy.


I must have a record for how many people I’ve pissed off in my time. It’s all true, are you mad? I rip your vote up and throw it in your face like confetti, woman. THAT is justice. Retard- five green dots. You mind your business and leave politics to the men, you’ll be happier that way.

What do you think, guys, should we bring all the shrews up to our mountain fortress? Everyone loves a shrew, don’t they.

Why is it that people whose birth was a curse think they have the right to speak anyway? People who’ve been kicked out of over a hundred countries should play second-fiddle even to jungle savages.

Public discourse is polluted by illusion when you take seriously what any of the cursed creatures say.

Americanism is perilously infectious- the hands will constantly reach out and try to pull you down into the melting pot. You don’t want to be melted. It amounts to the higher faculties of your mind being switched off. At least I try to imagine a place far away from them…

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