My good Saxons, my fervent Jehovah’s Witnesses, my poor Hyksos, how are you doing? What should I talk about to make people hate me now? Latino cannibals?

It’s all real. And I’m not treating any of them as “equals”. If I could I’d probably just wipe you all off the face of the planet. Nah, why would I do that if I could keep you as servants? That IS your lot in life after all.

Your inferiority is proven through your inability to face these facts. You all have to lie about what you are. I’m not going to respect someone like that. You’re fit for slavery. Why do we want chronic liars wandering around with freedom? Happy 4th of July to you. I want independence from you ugly-souled orcs.

You prefer I shout this out my window instead? This site is my window. Less chance of being stabbed by one of these animals when I’m out on a walk if I shout here.

That’s what they are too. I’d like to just twist their neck and break it, there would be no loss in the world. Their “conspiracy” is based on being silent about the fact that they’re not human beings. They all agree to stay hush hush about it. You’re a Jehovah’s Witness that believes in delusions, you’re not equal. The serf Locke is right, he knew the Absolute Truth! The serf Jefferson even wrote it in da Declurayshin. Some types have survived your purges over the centuries. We know exactly what you are. You can have wifi access in your zoo cage, you just have to put the fact that you’re in a zoo in your bio. Deal? Gonna go along with that plan without a fuss? No, I exaggerate, you don’t belong in a zoo, it’s rather that it should be the standard interpretation to regard your opinion as meaningless. Even your tastes in food I doubt at this point. How could this lowbrow plebeian judge ANYTHING correctly? Maybe if you said something as simple as the sky is blue I’d accept what you had to say. Most other things though? You have a corrupted soul that causes you to lie about pretty much anything given that it’s self-serving in some way. Better for you to be in chains than for anyone to see you as an “equal”. Yes, you’re equal to your fellow subhumans, that’s about it. You can usually tell these things by their face- they look like a dog. With women it isn’t so easy because they’ve often disguised their rotten souls with outward beauty. If someone is on the subhuman bandwagon that’s the only sign you need. They don’t care about anything in life besides preserving the illusion they don’t belong in a zoo or the illusion they should be regarded as someone whose opinion isn’t worthless. Irrationality speaking. The world is full of that noise. So what are you going to do, read this and defend your given serf-caste in one way or another, or actually own up to it and join the fight against the subhumans? That would actually be proof that you’re not one of them. And it’s grim how many are. “We have to purge the last trace so there’s no reminder!” Keep purging til you’re back to the stone age. How is that not your telos? You’re not a human.

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