Yeats tried to do this

an alternative way of mythologising and inaugurating a new nation state.

I can’t be alone in loving to see this kind of study?

People only tend to know him for the “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold” poem. There are a few interesting-looking studies on him I have to dig into, one involving his relation to Carlyle. Suffice it to say, this is /ourguy/ and no one ever really mentions him. “You’re a monster, your guy is not my guy.” Whatever you want to tell yourself.

Funny, he’s quoted saying this in chapter five there

much had happened since we copied the Jewish Schemahamphorasch with its seventy-two Names of God in Hebrew characters…

Probably better off eating doritos and watching a show than thinking about any of this huh?

It’s up to you to choose where you want your mind to be at. This is where mine is usually at

the only way to overthrow the government is through secret action by a self-constituted elite.

So glad to have gone through all those purges. It’s the only way I can know I am among equals more or less. I hope it goes without saying that you don’t want those kinds of people who identify with those Planet of the Apes gifs close to you. It might as well be the YMCA if you don’t unequivocally condemn certain types. I know very well that there are ones who know in their hearts they are not supposed to be here and I politely request that they go away. You’re just dead weight, the spirit of gravity, a burden, that anchors us from ascending into the air. The double-edged razor of the internet.

Almost everyone is a certain kind of robot with no freewill or consciousness. If that fact doesn’t disturb you then you are numb and should try to understand it more concretely. The mainstream is part of a “secret society” in this way without knowing it. They’re the unthinking emissaries. Their job is to clone themselves in other people who are not yet unthinking. They will do this through a myriad of tactics, through subtle shaming to appearing as your good buddy who wants the best for you. This won’t be clear when you’re talking to people because you see a human being there before you. They often have a dark agenda to pull you into turning the light out like they have. They have zero qualms at all with pouring billions and billions of dollars into propaganda aimed at causing that effect in you. They’ll make it back and more eventually anyway with your loyal servitude. It mostly already is going all according to plan for them. The gears smoothly turn with no turbulence at all. The intellectuals I’ve known the last decade or so are ground to a fine dust at the bottom of the machine. It’s not easy to not be a gear that wants to grind dissidents into dust. What is needed is the dismissal of all of the distractions of the world. Give up hope that you’ll have a normal happiness, that’s not going to happen if you actually care. It’s the martyrdom spirit I mentioned in my previous post. If you’re not willing to embrace that then you’re not going to be able to face the truth. You will not be able to see the conspiracy for what it is. The gears are not fans of humanity. They are hostile to any sign of that. The ones I told to go away and stayed, for instance, are hostile that I bring up that they’re hostile to humanity. That’s why it’s called a conspiracy, because that factor of their worldview is supposed to be secret. Make no mistake what they are and what they want. The fine dust at the bottom of the machine is disintegrated spirit, or light. The gnashing matter gears do not want unities of light which are humans to exist. They can do no other- with the very slight level of consciousness that they have, angels are perceived as demons to them. If you fly around the machine trying to infuse the primitive darkness with light the gears will be happy if one of your wings gets caught and you get pulled into them. It’s a gruesome thing that happens. Think of this next time you see a leftist acting like moral arbiter. No, they’re one of those gears, and if you fall for their deceptions you were one of the angels and now you are dust. You can do a personal test right now to figure out what you are. Have you identified at all with one of the gears throughout reading this? I identify with them zero percent. I imagine most have at least some percent where they lean toward gear-“life”, and it simply isn’t understandable to me. You think you see a human being in front of you, talking, with a face, and the reality is all this is going on.

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