This is only in 2018

it is the first time to reveal the scientific research results of the genetic characteristics of the Chinese population

The south has something called CR1 which accounts for their stronger immune system. It was a harsher environment than the north, they call it the land of miasma.

Something you won’t see from us puritans- people in southern China naturally smell worse and there’s a gene for that.

So they’ve isolated DAB1, which I showed you yesterday. What have they done in the last three years in terms of juxtaposing western and eastern genetics in regard to cognition?

Similar to our north and south, China’s also have their own stereotypes for each other. It’s not a surprise they’d focus on that dynamic early on rather than east vs. west. “You smell bad, America, here’s why.”

I don’t think people grasp that as sophisticated as someone’s personality is, that’s how sophisticated genetics potentially is. Everyone more or less has a unique personality, right?

You can engineer all this kind of stuff

If you want to get theological with it, it’s probably possible to isolate “evil” and remove it.

I can see different “personality brands” in the future. The ones whose parents chose such and such mixture of traits will probably be friends with each other, and see other mixtures as an out-group. I don’t see this as a problem, really. This will increase refinement. After a few decades of being around those people and opposed to the others, the truth will emerge about which traits are preferable, and they will select them for the next generation. Some things are universal. Laziness for example. None of the personality brands will contain that.

Where it gets more controversial, that’s where there will be clusters opposed to each other. Warmth versus coldness for instance.

Who wouldn’t want this to be a normal thing for everyone?

More than 10 million people in the world have undergone non-invasive prenatal genetic testing, of which 7 to 8 million are in China.

People implicitly believe in some sort of “divine providence” I think.

The Chinese just do the bare minimum so far it seems. Testing for down syndrome. How about just testing for unimpressive people in general? “Yep, these results show you’re going to have a bland, generic child.”


What really can spoiler life is if you’re a permanently unremarkable individual.

2019 Sinonet- this is probably the future

Inb4 you ask, no, I haven’t found what I was looking for initially. That is, the main creativity and intelligence genes of Northern Europeans, Southern Europeans, Ashkenazim, and Chinese Han juxtaposed and philosophized about. What else is a relevant subject in general? Not much in my opinion.

It’s really controversial to say that a mischling is probably ideal. And how can we further refine this concept? A peasant-kike mischling is not ideal. And that’s probably what you see a lot of living today. The best of both worlds can potentially be isolated and synthesized. And hey, maybe even East Asians have something to offer in the mix? Good luck finding some scientific papers on this from any of the peoples mentioned.

For instance, there was lots of cope from that Chinaman yesterday who was talking about the DAB1 gene. You’ll often see Han supremacists leaning on IQ. For one, they conspicuously never mention Brahmins or Jews. For two, they conspicuously never mention where these two like to migrate to. Nor do they mention who they “borrow” culture and technology from. Maybe I have my own biases- it seems the ideal designer baby will be at least half to 2/3 “white” of a non-pleb variety. All these do-rag whites out here for instance, they need to be simply wiped off the earth, and that’s the majority. All these copycat chinese? If they were serious their geneticists would be studying European and Ashkenazim intelligence.

These Chinese can keep their outward appearance if they want. (Why would they want to though?) Having Euro brains on the inside would probably be for the best. Eliminating the bioleninist gene would be required of course. Whose fault is it for clownworld? Bioleninists and Jews, not necessarily in that order.

The Koreans and Indians seem lost, looking at their internets.

The idea of science being illegal is weird

if a Canadian researcher changed the genes of human embryos, he could face 10 years in prison.

Nothingburgers from the French and Spanish also. That’s what you find everywhere, and that’s what I want to convey with this post.

Here’s a study that’s at least somewhat interesting. The myth that “humans” are One precedes all “science” carried out by europeoples.

This is the kind of thing that needs to be done, by honest people who aren’t beholden to mythology

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