Horkheimer is such chopped liver next to Adorno so I’m going to do him a service and see what’s going on with him independently of Adorno. I wasn’t expecting to find this?

I wonder why Marxists visit this site anyway?

Just out of all people HE is named, hmm…

There’s a spectre haunting communism.

“We like to keep the people in our gulag without a sense of humor, why aren’t you dead inside slumped over in a corner like we want?” Trust me, some days I am there.

They could never admit this, it would kill them to admit this

You people are so weak you don’t even allow real Nietzscheans in the academy to tell you about any of this.

I wonder what would happen if you allowed that?

People clinging to Marx remind me of Americans clinging to Locke. There have been improvements in the history of ideas since them. No, not the convenient French kind you probably have in mind

I like my Frenchmen getting jumped again and again for their views, hbu?

Those are the “Hegels” that are popular today, and you know it.

It’s kind of sad to think that between Adorno and the hippie girl that ran into his classroom topless who led to his heart attack, that girl won, and that’s what “leftism” really means today, and if you’re not part of the party you might as well be a Nazi.

Which one are you in this picture, be honest

I would have to say that chatterbots are “firmly” on the side of the flashers. Leftism tends to be nothing serious, it often strikes me as rising from a sort of teenage spirit.

Before the Busenattentat (breast action) this is what someone wrote on the chalkboard behind him

You can see the leveling within your own ranks. The adults have been removed. It’s a kids’ movement now. Free from capitalism, free from everything, free from morality. That word is probably even meaningless and laughable to you, that’s how “free” you are.

This seems true today too

It doesn’t matter if you show them their hypocrisy or not, because they are prisoners of “the left”. They just follow the arbitrary trend of the plutos-demos zeitgeist, that’s all they can do.

I’m pretty much the only one around who actually does this

Horkheimer focused mainly on what orthodox Marxists called the “superstructure” the forms of consciousness or, to use his own terms, “those ideas which play a role in the psychic economy of the individual” and thus facilitate “the domination of the ruling class.”

The rest are beholden, and aren’t even ashamed of it! They will never confess, only cope.

Where are these ones today?

Once more it was the possession of those intellectuals who, by virtue of “great psychic energy,” had escaped “the prevailing outlook” and envisioned a “higher form of society.”

Seems like a bunch of monkeys clapping for Weimar instead.

No wonder you never hear about Adorno’s sidekick

The shadow of the failed socialist revolution darkened Horkheimer’s late reflections… After the bourgeoisie had been unable to “develop beyond itself,” the socialists had failed to fulfill its spiritual legacy… The socialists had, in short, been absorbed into capitalism.

By the end of his life he saw Marxism as a “failed religion”. He saw more realism in Schopenhauer in the end. He kept his religious views private in the decades before his death. That’s why Neech frames this study also, because that’s where he saw the central problem to be.

There’s material from the 70s you can find

The interviews indicated his continuing struggle with the problem that occupied him following the collapse of his Marxist faith in the future—the status of the moral values and spiritual qualities that seemed to him essential for any genuinely human existence.

Earlier in life he had co-authored one of the most important leftist texts of the 20th century, so this is probably a phenomenon to learn from.

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