In a “the white bonobos are doomed” kind of mood so studying China

permits the importation of foreign films on a revenue-sharing basis, but limits them to 34 films per year

The other day I saw someone say Netflix is worse than Hollywood. I want to know what kind of stuff the Chinese watch, it must be better for society than the tripe we watch here.

Our kulchur is just too mesmerizing to resist

only 20 foreign titles have been allowed in each year and compete with more than 500 domestic movies. Even so, they have accounted for around 45 percent of Chinese box-office revenues.

The number they allow in has changed over the years- until 2001 only 10 foreign films, including Hong Kong ones, were allowed each year.

About 100 million Chinese people regularly access the internet with a VPN which they use for facebook, youtube, netflix, etc.

Do they have different psychologies because of this?

In 2001, Taiwan dropped its film-import restrictions as it joined the WTO. Today foreign movies take 97 percent of box office revenues. South Korea, by contrast, kept a quota–73 days a year are reserved for the screening of Korean-only films’ and has fostered a flourishing domestic industry; now Korean films regularly outsell Hollywood on home soil.

If I had my own patch, zero American movies would be allowed in.

What is this nonsense?

March 19, 2011 was the deadline given by the World Trade Organization when it demanded China end its 20-foreign-films-a-year quota

Forcing them to accept Weimar propaganda?

On the other side of this, white people who watch anime have a certain kind of personality you can detect. They tend to be gentle people, maybe too gentle. Post hoc ergo propter hoc, who knows.

Nothing ideological in any of these I’m sure

Friends is on there so much??

“It’s Friends, shut up!”

This isn’t possible at all

I bet no one sees themselves in this picture

Just look at the name of the show alone- it makes people peaceful when they watch it.

Yes, obviously I want the country watching a show called Enemies with all the usual suspects I detail here.

While I haven’t watched all the shows on that map, the only one with a vaguely “fascist” politics would probably be Rick from The Walking Dead. And he has a vibrant multicultural team, so the zombies can easily be interpreted as notzees.

It’s amazing what you see when you watch a show as a Platonist rather than a viewer.

Taking a glance at the most popular show on netflix at the moment it looks like it wants men, women, whites, blacks, and browns working together on a team. Totally not state propaganda, it’s just a show.

An article from the Sinonet

Academics wouldn’t be able to write something like this here, because the enforced epistemology is relativism.

I posted a while back that the Chinese government strikes me as Platonistic in the way it controls media. Which is to say, it presupposes that something like absolute truth exists, that virtue and vice is distinguishable, and that immoral garbage can be present in media and affect the souls of the citizenry. Why do people want me dead anyway, because they know I’m right they should be wearing a trashcan lid as a hat? Gutter scum. Nah… they’re just damaged people, that’s all. I mean, can’t they be both gutter scum and damaged at the same time?

From another Sinonet article

As an information dissemination activity, TV programs are an indispensable medium in today’s society. As an important part of the media, TV programs also play a key role in the formation of college students’ values. With the diversified development of TV programs, while actively guiding the values ​​of college students, the negative impact of some TV programs on the values ​​of college students should not be ignored. 

If you write about American media like this in any direct way you’ll soon be out of a job. Academics have to fit in with the values promulgated by the media.

See, this is why I think China is just a western satellite more than an alien nation

First, the television media should promote the mainstream socialist values, play a correct guiding role

At least they’re explicit about what it is. I’m willing to bet every single show on that map above promotes socialist values. A correct guiding role, yes.

Still, the socialisms of the east and the west are not the same, so you can find strange perspectives from the east about the west

One of the easiest ways to integrate into the old American circle in the US is to start with their TV. This will allow you to understand and understand the culture of the US… watching ABC’s TV programs can also easily see the values ​​advocated by American society.

This is why initially I was looking for the values promoted by Chinese shows. Because that would probably provide a glimpse into the soul of their people more than most things. I avoid American shows for the same reason I avoid American people, because they’re all the same, and they make me sick. Might as well be watching some poor quality show when a non-actor person speaks.

While consuming culture, they unconsciously accept its core values.

MENA seems a lot more immune to Americanization than China. It’s possibr the US will corrapse and China will carry on its sickness.

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