So many years ago I saw planes hit those towers and this is the first time I’ve seen a statement like this

Iran is like a palace, and they’ve been burning down the shacks surrounding it.

This was going on in southern Lebanon

I was struck by the fact that, across the city, the mournful cries and black banners of Ashoura mixed wither banners proclaiming ferocious hostility towards Israel. One banner called Israel “an absolute evil.”

Imagine people in southern Michigan saying Ohio is an absolute evil.

Now, imagine there was a revolution in Maine against the people of Ohio

Its source was the Shi’a Islamist ideology of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Anti-Semitism is central to this ideology, and it portrays the Jews and Israel as the principal enemy of Shi’a Muslims.

What other country’s government is like that? The leader of the Iranian Revolution is hidden, and other turbaned ones are placed in front of him to do that. The above is the first time I’ve read this.

I’m starting to get pretty pilled, personally- these are the words of Muhammad

My brother Moses was blind in his right eye [his revelation was focused on this world] and my brother Jesus was blind in his left eye [his revelation was entirely otherworldly], but I have two eyes [my revelation combines the spiritual and the material].

Suppose that our overlords were “blind in one eye” so to speak. Could we trust the policies of people like that?

It’s a dire situation over there. If Maine revolted and seceded, and satellites began subtly brainwashing them to return to the US, wouldn’t that grind against your gears? The satellites seek world-domination.

Is he wrong?

In being so worldly they sacrificed something else.

I wonder why they keep this guy hidden from us

Jeez, that’s quite the chunk of land he secured

If you think of our dynamic with the British, it’s like if our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were explicitly founded on anti-semitic principles. I’d call that quite the “updated government” wouldn’t you?

Someone finally did it, someone finally did it after WATERLOO! This turbaned man is the real Napoleon of the 20th century. And his impact has lasted to the present day. With China’s recent alliance with Iran we can expect it to continue for the next couple decades, barring some crazy war or something.

Do you like merchants and bankers to control the world? IDEALLY, I would counsel talent from the west to help Iran. The reason the satellites are so effective against them is because of the simple fact that they beam QUALITY programming into their homes. It’s good entertainment, that’s why. And they slip all sorts of subliminal messaging into it. We need people who will help preserve their patch for them, the stronghold against the dominators of the world. I guess not many people care about that. Okay, don’t look me in the eye and tell me you’re not a slave then, because you are.

People mourn Saddam and Gaddafi more than they ever bring Khomeini up, and he’s the one who won. Something missing here.

Allah forbid!

It works to “lead people astray and make them abandon the ordinances and teachings of Islam with the intent to … Allah forbid! … one day achieve their goal … and [have] a Jew rule over us one day.”

Couldn’t be the US…

He calls it kufr-e juhudi, Jewish atheism. You don’t have to be a Christian to NOT be an atheist. Anyone who believes in transcendence should be opposed to them. Theirs is a non-religion of worldliness.

You never hear about this

There is little doubt as to Khomeini’s intentions toward Israel, which were forthrightly genocidal. He stated clearly, “We must rise, destroy Israel and replace it with the heroic Palestinian nation.” Indeed, Khomeini made this central to his ideology

This is what his loyal, still-living successor refers to them as

sinister, unclean rabid dog of the region

And that lives within our hearts in the west! You are that sinister, unclean rabid dog.

Meanwhile, they have been supplying missile after missile to fire at it.

Just an innocent “normal people” that’s “from everywhere”

He went on to describe Israelis as “a bunch of thugs, lechers and outcasts from London, America and Moscow.”

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the… Fourth Reich.

Imagine being him, and running that facebook page- must be nice

This is what it is, good way to put it

a Zionist project that works to spread across the world and now possesses a base, origin, and entity named Israel

People who fire missiles at the home-base of International Communism, that’s how I see it.

Better to live in one of their conquered satellite-states as a slave though because something something, right? Or are you still in denial about that?

Savages are good, the creators of civilization are bad, that’s probably your mantra. Oh yeah, society is really going to flourish with that motto. Perfect braindead servant, they’re lucky to have you.

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