God is indeed god of love. The question is, love of what? I love knowledge of the forms and angels, meanwhile mainstreamers and those beholden to them love being recognized as part of the order that does not love the forms. God is love, sure, and you happen to be indistinguishable from … If you’re reading this then I don’t even have to tell you. You’re only one with their ethos because the rabble decides for you. You’re beautiful, you have such a respectable way about you. And you can never admit your “surface views” align with the ignorant majority’s? Try to admit that, that’s step one of your development, which I truly care about. “You don’t give a shit about my fate.” Yes, I actually do, and if you don’t eviscerate the ones who have told you what “truth” is over the years then bad things will happen for you. I warn you while slowly drawing back, knowing bad things will already happen for you no matter how much I try to help you.

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