Thomas Karlsson has a really good book on Qabbala and I’m seeing now he also has one on runosophy (the study of runes) which I know nothing about, so I’m going to take a look at that

strings of letters/sounds that make no linguistic sense but rather are thought to be the voices of the gods

Don’t think of RuneScape, whatever you do! Reflecting back, maybe I liked that game so much back in the day because of the medieval vibe.

Anyway some theorize that strings of runes are numerological codes. So looking at the two books mentioned you might think of a northern form of gematria.

There are a couple they consider experts on this, Bureus and Agrell

With this decoding, or re-encoding, a new set of correspondences is produced that links runic, Roman, Hellenic, and Hebraic signs.

Karlsson is another Grantian with his own occult lodge.

One translation of the word “rune” from the old Germanic languages is “secret whisper”.

I’m obviously pondering the mystery of the Ice Age when I study this subject

He described the three levels, called kalas, of the runes. The first level was the outer exoteric level; the second was the inner esoteric level; and the third was the most secret “Armanen” level. The Armanen was, according to List, the secret of initiated runic priests, those who had been initiated by Odin.

It makes me laugh to think that women, jews, POC are all base matter. That’s why you’re Mike Rowe if you try to help them. They are not defined by “spirit”. At best, leftists mold mud into a beautiful statue (as far as that is not oxymoronic). Your hands are going to get dirty molding a mud statue. Obviously there is a continuum and exceptions among women and jews are further from base matter than others. Breeding with base matter is not really an ideal to have. Because the ones that are spirit will have to mold the future YOU into a mud statue. Some types of spirit, like myself, do not want to be such a “sculptor” at all. Yeah right, I’m always trying to mold women-mud and jew-mud. That’s more than the left does, which amounts to patting them and telling them they’re already statues. “That’s a chauvinistic worldview!” It’s realistic. Being base matter, that constantly puts forth signs that it IS base matter, is not something you want to be. Anyway this is just what I muse about when I study esotericism. It reminds me of how far away the concerns of the base ones are from higher awareness.

I have no doubt the US would improve if “they” went back to their old mysticism because they seem to have taken the enlightenment pill of pure atheism just like anyone. I like adjusting it, this is interesting to me

The old Nords had nine worlds on each side, nine “sephirah” and nine “qliphah”.

This is what corresponds to the Ain Soph

This is the kind of thing they believed before converting to Christianity. Was conversion a good thing? I lean toward “yes”. There’s a dialectic of the spirit, paganism is limited by itself. So too is Christianity, so too is secularism, hence I return to these old ways of knowing.

This is what I mean by “discipline” though. This is the kind of stuff to study to properly use the philosopher’s stone. Put differently, you need to first form concepts in the material realm in order to use them in the astral realm. Otherwise you’re just taking ordinary everydayness with you to higher planes.

If you want to get real crazy refresh yourself on the connections between Heidegger and Kabbalah here.

Karlsson has accorded the sephiroth with runosophy

The northern Ain Soph is known as Ginnungagap. The first being it “creates” is Ymer which corresponds to Thaumiel, that twin-god that witch detailed the other day.

Karlsson says what I was thinking

This connection can be used to achieve a more complete occult world picture.

Another resonance- that Bureus I mentioned is sometimes related to John Dee and his Enochian tablets.

Isn’t this an odd character to find though, this Karlsson, attempting to synthesize northern paganism with qabbala?

Maybe this is where I belong

When the graduates of the highest degree associate with one another they are all clad in black as a sign of their equality and call one another Freeborn Swedish Men.

All I know for certain is that the ethos of the US is not suitable to my nature.

There’s probably a perfect “system” for everyone’s personal constitution

A Scandinavian is probably reading this thinking “I wasted my time playing RuneScape when my real nature was calling me to study runosophy!”

“Nah man, netflix and social media is MY religion.” They should put mysticism into video games in my opinion.

I can’t emphasize enough that the new religious instinct so often expresses itself these days in boosting the wretched, because it’s a form of self-boosting. I’m not an authority on these things or something, I just think there are more sacred things people could care about? It’s like they go around soothing people that “You are good, you are a person” in order to soothe themselves of that. Looks like mental illness. I’d call it “political idolatry”. Only through study, and in many cases, forced attention-span, can you be a person. Soothing people that they are does not make them so, and does not make you so either.

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