Thinking about how Guenon was one of Evola’s main heroes, not to play the psychologist here on the Baron, I think it might be symptomatic that he never wrote a study on Sufism. I sense that it was something that disturbed him in a way. I’m not going to go as far as to say it “haunted” him, I just don’t think it’s a coincidence that he wrote books on Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism on the one hand, and books on paganism, hermeticism, and the grail on the other, i.e. on east and west, and not one on the esoteric traditions geographically between them, especially given that at the end of his life the one out of them all he said still preserved an authentic initiatory element was Shi’ism.

He has some scattered statements in his oeuvre you can read here.

I sense we can interpret the sparseness of Evola’s remarks on Islam by examining our own contemporary’s relation to this religion. On the one hand, Buddhism is so far away from us. That makes it easy to approach. I mean beyond just geographically. It’s like a reverse goldilocks zone- Islam is in a place that doesn’t make it easy to interpret. Instead of the porridge being “just right” it’s “just wrong”. I just imagine him imagining Guenon in Egypt in a turban, and I wonder what was going through his mind when he imagined that.

The west lives in such illusion in various ways that it’s impossible to have a normal conversation with them. Our enlightenment dogmas will be real tomorrow, just wait for tomorrow. Then when tomorrow arrives they’re still not real.

I see a parallel between Iran and the US here

The difference is, when I look at the core behind the “face” of the western belief-system I don’t see anything worth preserving. So I do strike at the face- it is as ugly outside as it is inside. Sorry if you’ve ever felt “struck”.

In the same way that our present order is distantly grounded in old Medieval debates between theologians, the following seems to be a clue about contemporary Shi’ism

what proportion of Avicennan inspiration was concealed, or even explicitly attested, in the Suhrawardian cycle of recitals?

Is Sufism really more poisonous than Nazism? In any case, putting the two together certainly isn’t going to make you a very popular person here.

Possibly the sole country free from the Shylocracy and you’ve probably never read a word of those who provided their philosophical foundation.

“Modernity” here began in 1500 and it just felt out of the sky, right right. Two paths seem to have been taken in medieval times, and ~1500 does seem to be decisive for both Persia and the west. 500 years later sounds like a ripe time to reopen those medieval debates. What peoples ended up being sovereign after those 500 years? It appears the sovereign ones today are Kabbalists and Shi’ists, not Christians and Baconians. Thus I find it worthwhile to study the first two, and perhaps synthesize them, discarding what a descendant of Christian-Baconians like myself finds unpalatable. Truly, if these ones are not sovereign who cares what they find palatable or not?

Sub specie aeternitatis, it appears that God used the west as a puppet to create technology, that it was sort of like a Prometheus that brought fire to the world who died upon arrival. I’m not going to settle for that, I’d rather reopen these old medieval debates pertaining to the Great Chain of Being.

The thought of a woman in a suit is as laughable as one of a 13 year old with a pilot’s license. I’m not going to be a voluntary passenger on that plane. And that’s not even to mention the anti-goyim Talmudists in the control-room of a goyim culture. That’s only a couple of the main ways of many that our idea of the Great Chain of Being is out of wack. I think we have to go back to the drawing-board. Or you can if you want, I’m simply trying to figure out how to get out of here instead, where the parachutes are stored on the plane, if you want to think of it that way.

The parachute cabinet seems to require a key and the grooves of that key seem to take the shape of understanding Imamology and Khomeini’s revolution.

Who finds all this more amusing to behold, a Jew reading this or a Muslim reading this? All I know is that there’s an infernal logic within Christianity that’s unfolded in a way that’s unfavorable to “my people” whether they are able to admit it or not. The fact that I scare-quote “my people” might give you a clue about said logic.

This seems truer every day

World of Exile = World of the “Occident,” as opposed to the “Orient,” the world of the Angel.

What explanation do I owe you people, who have never even said to me Hello. While I might live in this country with you I am not in exile with you. That is why there has always been this distance between us. All the illusions you believe in are just mist that I dispersed many years ago. And Persia seems to be a place where I wouldn’t have to live among people in exile. People who either want me in exile with them or dead. Can’t even make this stuff up, it’s true- wretched ones in denial of what they are. That’s why there’s always been a distance between us. We all know now that it’s kikes, not “Jews”, that are in charge, and all you can probably do is defend them. How degrading. That makes you a nigger yourself. The mist to disperse is the illusion that it’s not one type of subhuman ruling another type of subhuman. What a charade it is, and I’m so glad to not be part of it.

So. They’ve been hiding these Sufis from us. I find that exciting to discover. What is there to learn about the mystical basis of this sovereign state of theirs? What explanation do I owe you slaves? Even my distance from you wasn’t enough to not be tainted by your wretchedness. You are one with the Pale and the jungle, what a tragic display. I will strike at the face, because that’s the core it’s hiding- the incorporation of the subhuman. A woman with a pilot’s license, that’s called doing a nosedive toward the earth. I for one want to ascend upward, and your hysterical denial of your enlightenment dogmas is not conducive to that, to say the least. There are a few types of subhuman animal I’m not going to incorporate into my psyche. And in all likelihood I am writing now to such a fallen mutant who has done just that. That’s the logic of Christianity, that’s the logic of Talmudism, that’s the logic of the American dream, that they keep such totalitarian guard of. What are you preserving, being many types of nigger in one? That to me is an established fact.

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