Post-Scholemians are crazy about Abulafia so I’m trying to get the basics on him

He spent his life on the run because he was so controversial, and even in the centuries after his death he had to be surreptitiously incorporated into Kabbalist systems.

There are techniques for this I’d like to try, and I’m looking at Idel’s earliest book on this mystic now

Do you remember from yesterday how many books he has? This could possibly be a “Jewish Mulla Sadra” to add to the canon, looking at how essential he is for some contemporary Kabbalists.

Ahh the Farsinet is just so much more interesting than Idel

I feel less alone when I’m on that side of the internet. I do see it in an “elevated” way too- I truly think they were able to get beyond the psychocosmic mountain. I’m going to have to learn the Sufi version of the Divine Names. I’m sure the Heeb tradition can help with that though.

When I read a Persian say something like this I’m nodding my head pretty easily

he criticized the issue of the manifestation of God in Kabbalah mysticism and the view of this school on issues such as: the issue of evil and the occurrence of all kinds of evil in the world

People like Goebbels seem like such amateurs when you get into this side of things. Oh you wanted a politically neutral discussion, sorry.

This cover has a pretty “righteous” aesthetic if you ask me

sigh, None of the “jewels” here are able to refract properly. They have no way of perceiving their own darkness either.

This is on their version of an “MSM” site

If you think of the golem-goyim as dwelling at Malkhut, their refractions of the light are always refractions OF the Jewish refractions above them.

Or think of Bjerknes’ model

Even if something from above Chesed descends to them it’s always filtered through Jews. That’s probably happening right now as you read this!

Whereas the third-eye of the Persians doesn’t have such blurry vision. They always begin from light above Chesed.

Synchronicity from the Farsinet

The Kabbalah has always been a pioneer of its people in the field of esoteric sciences and secret movements. According to them, witchcraft means using the higher hidden forces to govern people in the way they want.

Again, this is from a “news” site. Makes you wonder if being a “journalist” is intrinsically a bad thing. There’s so much honesty here that you’d never see in Idel. Every day I find more evidence that confirms Shahak’s confessions which at first seemed so outlandish.

I keep seeing that non-HTML book of Shahbazi’s cited when googling about Kabbalah in Farsi. That one that doesn’t mince words about the history of the “European” economy.

As much as both Kabbalah and Sufism drew from Neoplatonism, I do frequently find the distinction on the MENAnet that there is a “humanist” nature to Kabbalah

Doing business with the Demiurge I would call it. And in contrast I would characterize Shi’ism as transcendental and Gnostic.

Ugh I just saw Nasr cited favorably in Farsi. That’s such a subtle form of subversion on Ahriman’s part. Bravo.

I hate to use the word “exotic” – that is the impression I often get on this side of the web

Think of cladistic Zoroastrianism when you see this

In such a view, evil is merely a side effect and not on the other coin of divine holiness

There’s a stricter monotheistic dualism between good and evil in the cladistic Zoroastrianism known as Shi’ism. Here is how a Persian sees Judaism

evil will be relative. Because evil is created by the reduction of the intensity of God’s light, and is in fact a lower order of goodness… God Himself made evil possible by reducing His light during the act of contraction. Therefore, when a person falls into the abyss of sin, God Himself somehow shares in his sin!

This is from someone who calls himself a researcher for the Scientific-Cultural Institute of Spiritual Health, the main website you can click here

I have a feeling the researchers here aren’t going to be included in any of Wolfson or Idel’s footnotes. Talking in English about all of this is an increasing joke to me.

Hmm “that” word again, as the headline of another site

بررسی عملکردها ومبانی اندیشه اومانیسم مادیگرای صهیونیستی-یهودی

This is crazy! How can I be part of this?

Hundreds of millions of minds in the west are squandered through not being “allowed” to focus on anything like this.

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