You’d be surprised what kinds of perceptions you can have here. On the one hand I see Jews as some of the only people I could have a realistic conversation with. On the other, I anticipate they wouldn’t be able to talk about certain things without excuses.

I try to be both a sociologist and scapegoat simultaneously. If you have to hide people like me who are “qliphoth” and are able to give you good reasons for doubt, then there’s something questionable about you.

“We Jews will make you disappear no matter what you say.” That’s the exact point though. Being a Jew is higher than Truth. You’re preserving the Jewish people, you aren’t pursuing the Truth.

Don’t think I don’t respect you guys in certain ways. The Jewish appropriation of Plato is really profound, and you should be credited with your formulation known as “Kabbalah”.

With that said, ask yourself why someone like me is invisible for years, and used as a sin sponge for all the others. Question the jews and all of a sudden you are the deflection target for all their misdeeds throughout history. If you question them they want you to suffer alone then die alone, preferably through suicide so they don’t have to do it themselves. I just wanted beauty in my life, and all the people the Jewish Order churns out are vulgar beings, much like jews are, coincidentally or not.

Take it however you want, my perception over the years is that a certain brightness of light needs to be filtered so that the creatures below can understand at all.

The ones they allow in the pre-approved goyim space are all filtering what I say to adjust to the needs of subhumans. This is a constant theme I’ve seen. Someone above the Jews says something, now you need to filter it so that it says something good for the subhumans, jews included.

I love to be hidden, I love to need to be filtered by slaves. Would you personally prefer anything else? Jews, women, and niggers all have to filter the kinds of things I say because they can’t handle the unfiltered reality.

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