Here is a puzzle

It’s a whole study on Beckett and politics! From just last year.

People tend to forget about the following

Pinter is nothing, please shut your mouth, google. Beckett is the best playwright of the 20th century, just stop being a hipster and accept it.

Recall my posts on Badiou’s interpretation of theatre as “the most truth-producing art”.

So if Badiou is as convincing to you as he is to me it IS quite an interesting question what arguably the best playwright of recent time’s politics were.

Like I’ve said, I’ve outgrown Beckett. He was my favorite for probably a year or so I’d say, and if someone was your favorite and you outgrew them there’s a good chance they still have a core that still resonates with you. Let’s just say he was born fewer than ten miles away from, and only a few years before, the painter Francis Bacon. These two describe similar realities with their art.

“Nooo you’re going to make him into a nazi, I just know it!” Nah, I’m just going to flip through this book and see what strikes my eye. Like us, he and Bacon were born in a decadent time, and we all have our ways of expressing that.

On the surface Beckett was a “purist” so that’s why he’s such an enigma regarding politics

Beckett defined poetry (and art more generally) as a sphere of expression that should be “free to be derided (or not) on its own terms and not in those of the politicians, antiquaries […] and zealots”

Enviable really. I dream of doing that some day. Writing a novel purely for aesthetics, with no politics involved at all. Oh god, take me there now. Probably going to happen before 2030 if I don’t an hero myself before then because of politics.

By the way, if you can’t make it to a theatre or whatever, I remind you that professionals adapted most of his plays to film which are last I checked easy to torrent.

Anyway this would be pretty crazy wouldn’t it?

As Emilie Morin reveals, Beckett’s attitudes often formed in direct response to the most significant historical and political events in the twentieth century

You ever feel like you’re about to have a “freak-out attack” when reading too much prog boilerplate? That was me, until I finally scrolled to this

I like to pretend I have readers who see the name Nordau and have both positive and negative thoughts. Probably someone with a book titled Degeneration isn’t that bad of a character overall.

Thank you Nordau, a Zionist who finally says something true, I appreciate it

Degenerates are not always criminals, prostitutes, anarchists, and pronounced lunatics; they are often authors and artists.

Oh fuck my life, I just realized that my writings are similar to Francis Bacon’s paintings too… What would a painting of a “bioleninist” or “kike” or “shabbos goy” really look like, ask yourself. As much as some of us hate them, progs are our counterpart. This explains the impulse toward the pure aesthetic free of politics. Don’t care about either reactionaries or progs, just do art. Easier said than done.

Yeah right dumb cunt. Where’s my sandwich by the way? If that offends you you’re another jew.

“Just forget politics, okay?” You can’t. Want me to write love poems? How can you do that when women are kike-souled?

Dear kike,
your beauty
is like the wind
or something

Nah, no inspiration there.

I’m a neechen so all my posts are poems of course, if obliquely. I always appeal to the non-rabble non-kike in people.

Anyway, I think many people could relate to this

Are you a horrible border creature? Hey, so am I in certain ways, no one is perfect. The problem I often see though is people don’t choose the ideal between the two borders. They give up and affirm the subhuman.

I invite you to scroll through my “Bacon painting” tag for insights about this. Even me the person who wrote them forgot how much is revealed there.

There’s a reason why the stereotype exists of hearing the word “art” and instantly thinking of painting.

In this context we have theatre and painting, possibly two of the most truth-producing arts, and the average person spends about 20 minutes in their entire life thinking about them.

No, Beckett and Bacon will severely distort your worldview if you focus on them with a serious attitude.

“Don’t link to writings of yours you posted before we condemned you to the gulag, it reminds us we truly are depicted in those ‘paintings’.” Yeah I know right.

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