Reading this statement makes me feel like the guy in that Caspar David Friedrich painting

it is important to qualify the idea that Vergil is an Augustan poet… it would be more nearly correct to say that the Aeneid created the Augustan Age than to say that the Augustan Age produced, in any way, the Aeneid.

I’ve written about this before here. Emperor Augustus was like what the “cathedral” is to us. And the three greatest poets from those distant times “happened” to write under the reign of Augustus.

I’m trying to propose an ideal here. Virgil managed to rise above the constraint of Augustus and define the “Augustan” Age himself. It is theoretically possible to do that within our ZOG Age.

“Good luck with that!” It’s just an ideal. I like bold visions like that. Some zoomer might be capable of that, who knows. And without knowing what the ideal is they’re less likely to do it.

Can you relate to this at all?

Writing in the twenties [BCE], Vergil may well have felt varying degrees of confidence in Augustus, but even Vergil, a tragic lyricist with little satiric impulse, watched the first decade of the principate with the anxiety and foreboding that constantly enform his epic.

“Now that you mention it, I DO have confidence in ZOG.” And you’re here because you also have anxiety and foreboding about it.

“Can you PROVE that I’m here?” Oh I forgot, you have perfect confidence in it, what a Good Citizen™ you are.

To the extent that I’m right that EVERYONE is “in on it”, i.e. second or third cousins of the crime family (which I am 100% right about), many more people than you might expect do have “confidence” in “Augustus”. Boy I wish I was that naive. How do you justify yourself? I’ve never seen a formal defense.

Studying Ancient Rome helps me understand our own culture

poets who attempt a foundation epic or who write poems in which they seek to justify their culture or to gather to unity the components of their culture

I’m not “above” noticing that some degree of poetry can occur on social media. Whenever I talk about poetry here I mean it in a broad sense, not just “writings with line-breaks”. Let’s provisionally define it as “an eloquent statement”. And what does it often do? Justifies one’s culture.

“I am so confident in Augustus I feel moved to wax eloquent about this culture in order to justify it.” This is Augustus’s 110th country, and he didn’t leave the citizens of those behind feeling very happy.

Know what gets me? When I see Dugin wax eloquent to justify Augustus’s reign. That’s symbolic to me of how far humanity has fallen. I will never understand how anyone has confidence in Augustus. I have a hunch that it’s more often than not a type of desperation that drives people to that. Women really hate those aprons that much, okay.

This is the epigraph from that study, Darkness Visible, I’m looking at it–and it seems fitting

They can hide it well, just not from me- it’s civilizational depression.

You warrant so much confidence, Augustus.

The Augustan Age was really the Virgilian Age, and that’s what we need in such a situation as this.

We are here

Illusions, evil illusions, the privation of and the desire for the annihilation of being have become first realities, then reality itself.

Being is soul. Leveling is destruction of being. It is a reality. We are here. When “everyone is in on it” that means it is already here.

Is that a fertile ground for a Virgil to rise from? At least intuitively it seems rather to be the salting of the earth.

That’s the crop that’s growing in the US- citizens that are inferior to the Chinese.

“And we continue to have confidence in Augustus and be in on it.” Being has already been annihilated, that’s the only way to explain that confidence.

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