A recurrent theme in my moods is that my hatred for humanity is outweighed by my hatred for the jews–so, “here we go again”

I’ve written about Bashevis before here. One of the most renowned Yiddish writers. Wrote explicitly Sabbatean/Frankist-themed works.

What brings me back to him is remembering Scholem’s statement in his Sabbatai book that there’s no better source for understanding the Sitra Ahra than Bashevis’s stories. How’s your memory? Sitra Ahra- “the Other Side”, the evil sephirot of the reverse tree of life, the qliphot/kelipot, the demons, in a word, the goyim. This is Scholem’s judgment.

There are some studies on Bashevis out there

fully aware that he is among the last voices of a Yiddish universe that had been dealt a mortal blow, Bashevis projects through his art a vision of that exterminated world… Close comparative studies of the available Yiddish texts with their English translations reveal that the English has deliberately omitted many of the Jewish—and even Slavic allusions… The English versions are generally shortened, often shorn of much description and religious matter

I’m sure there’s nothing “political” omitted from these nice stories.

This causes me to reflect on “the absolute state of things” on the right. How many reactionaries have taken it upon themselves to learn Yiddish or Hebrew? Too busy dumpsterdiving for a babymachine, likely. Hey, we’ve all been there. On your Tinder profile just put “I like to think about the Jews” – talk about awkward. Only people like us understand the gravity of that task.

Anyway, for us “immune to society” this is what is interesting about the novelist in question

Bashevis uses imagery and concepts derived from kabbalistic texts and Hasidic tales

Atlantis noises

Bashevis’s work inscribes itself as part of ‘‘the catastrophe literature [which] is… almost entirely in Yiddish,’’ even that written before the Shoah.

Something else that led me back to Bashevis is reading the other day in Idel’s book on the Baal Shem Tov how emphatically he stressed the spoken Yiddish as the vehicle of the teachings of the Hasidim. So, obviously, the spoken part has faded into the wind. What we do have is an abundance of Yiddish in writing.

דו רעדסט יידיש?

Imagine tens of thousands of pages on this concept alone

In Der sotn in goray, Bashevis dramatizes the kind of social order that attends the enactment of the kabbalistic belief that Evil must be pushed to its ultimate limits

When I look at my fellow europeoples I do see this happening to them. The kabbalistic project is in full-swing in this regard.

Jews and golems remind me of circus freaks for some reason. Something grotesque about them. It’s almost like God made them for comic relief or something. Except it’s just normal reality now instead of a visit to the circus every handful of years, and it’s not so funny when it’s like that.

This really makes me laugh, doesn’t it make you laugh?

Enjoy putting your kids in schools. Why would you care? You’re probably a kid on the school known as social media. Being kidnapped and indoctrinated by orcs is something you probably accepted long ago.

You can decide Any Moment to talk in a similar way I do, and you don’t, so I just figure you’re a proud orc at this point.

I think I remember Jack Dorsey saying somewhere that he had many Jewish teachers when he was young – blame them for your fate I guess? Twitter is the public square of our time, and people were already pretty much done for before he left. Sure, they won’t let you “take a stand on some TV channel”. Coulda done it on twitter- and what would’ve happened to you? The algorithmic bannings for the slightest offenses led to neuroplasticities solidifying into pro-regime patterns.

The Yiddish that re-formed itself across the Atlantic.

You probably speak fluent Yiddish, except in English. There is of course a difference between the Rabbi’s Yiddish and the common jew’s Yiddish.

I can tell you right now that it isn’t even 0.1% of people who “get” Scholem or “get” Strauss.

“I DO ‘get’ them, that’s why I don’t say it.” Say what? Do you think there are NSA spies listening to you right now? Say what it is out loud. Or if not that, say what it is in your head. What is it? Might as well have a private moment of meditation on this, since it would probably be more important than anything else you’ve thought about this month.

“There is nothing to say! Because I’m an honest person in public!” No you’re not.

Let’s do a “zoom-out” and reflect how we find ourselves here at this moment. I can understand Jewish esotericism because Euros have their own. I mean in a historical sense. What I imply when I say that is, lots of euros are junkers. The exo/eso distinction follows from the recognition that the bulk of people are detritus. And in our new globalized setting, it’s even worse of a daily calamity. I’ve yet to see anyone speak of how globalism has affected the exo/eso distinction. To put it concisely, the “exo side” has increased tenfold, the mob has vastly expanded. This makes the “eso side” even more secretive.

So tell me, why doesn’t a Jew ever talk like this? “Because we want our shekels, and that entails posing as the mob.” Yeah, there are both merits and vices to that, that’s the only thing I try to make clear. You have to be an innocent summer child to think you are merely “posing” as the mob. When you pose as the mob you turn into the mob. That’s the only way you can survive, it’s like an actor lost in their role and beginning to identify with it without realizing it. If the mob detects you are a fake it will purge you- thus, an authentic mob-likeness is acquired.

“I thought Spielberg showed us you’re the bad one!” My very life is like a readaptation of Schindler’s List. Modern problems call for modern solutions. Notice all the feds, bots, celebs, freelance Mossad agents orbiting me for some years now? They’ve been trying to create a new justification for Kike Tyranny.

That is the “eso side”.

Like I’ve said before, my “redaction” has always felt like a nuclear fallout chamber of sorts. People tap on the door and I know it’s going to be some niggermutant at this point. So I just stay in here and reflect on the world.

A more substantial meditation on Bashevis one of these days when I’m not so distracted by trying to grow my own food on the moon, so to speak.

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