Now we’re playing with fire

Not like it needs to be “proved”. People’s intuition when exposed to the basic details is enough “proof”. Still, I find satisfaction in proving it.

“What, what is ‘it’?” You know what it is, I don’t even have to say it.

The control-panel of the world, NYC, belongs to Sabbatai.

The deer from Saturn some people in mental institutions might call him.

Can’t really beat finding so many signs together in one line

We’re speaking of the subject of how this lifeworld got here.

“You must be stupid if you think showing me how Jews led to today’s egalitarianism is going to make me antisemitic.” You have a naive understanding of egalitarianism then. Its ultimate consequence is that the rational and irrational, educated and ignorant, are declared to be equivalent. Have you forgotten to notice that’s a daily occurrence in the US?

This wasn’t many generations ago

Do you know much about people from your family who died around 1918? I don’t expect Jews to either. Yet it was only a century ago, and that’s really nothing. And even if Jews did know about this “denomination” that great-great-grandpa Moshe was part of, I just don’t see them openly talking about it in public.

“Why does this even matter, the FOUNDERS of the US were egalitarian!” Different styles, different degrees. ZOG didn’t fully take over until the 60s. The 50s were more the founders’ style of egalitarianism. Today’s version of it is extremist and obviously of foreign extraction. That’s as absurd as saying that they intended for people to believe that adults and their children were created equal. You’re just distorting the meaning to serve your own gluttonous interests (of giving power to the irrational and ignorant).

There’s nothing “oppressive” about the reversal of Sabbateanism, that word itself distorts reality and is used as a rhetorical weapon for the same gluttony. In my personal case you know that’s nonsense since I’m always saying “Jee, I wish women, POC, and youth would study more of the type of books that make them wiser.” If that’s oppression then oppression is a good thing.

Let’s just suspend the question of the merits of extremist egalitarianism for now and focus on the plausible origins.

Kind of neat to know about this if it IS true that the hub of contemporary civilization is cladistically imbued by this spirit

I seriously think there are some severe mental blockages surrounding all this. “Maybe IF I do concede that it’s ‘Jew York City’, I still think they’re the people of the OLD TESTAMENT.” Please don’t make me feel embarrassed for being a goy. That’s what you do to me when you believe that. I don’t even want to have children because they might end up like you- what are the chances in the genetic lottery.

“I KNOW THAT THEY ARE SABBATEANS, JUST SHUT UP, I KNOW THAT IT’S TRUE.” What’s stopping you from mentioning it? Are people not supposed to understand the real meaning of “modernity”?

“It’s better for things to go without thinking.” This is the only planet with intelligent life on it. You’re saying we shouldn’t have intelligence on this planet?

Why would Scholem say this?

You’ve probably heard of the city in the middle east known as Dubai? It’s like looking at Dubai and not recognizing that Muhammad is the messiah of the place.

You people are crazy, you have a secret ruling-class, and you like it that way!

You don’t even care to contemplate very much if Sabbatai was a good guy or not.

He’s in the same ballpark as the Marquis de Sade, I don’t know, what does that tell you?

“And it all needs to stay a secret!” Pathological.

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