Fernando Pessoa is one of those untimely types that we have. No one knows how to make sense of him yet. There’s probably a logos there, it’s just still too soon. Badiou is someone who recognized this, and didn’t go into enough detail, so I look around on the Frenchnet, and I can’t stay there for very long because, well, you know how it is. I can only deal with the Frenchies when they’re women because their beauty distracts me from their worldview. I look up Pessoa on the Rusnet and it’s totally different. My thought was “Thank you, you’re not ‘one of them‘.” Between the two groups of Allies, something went wrong with the UK, France, and US. I think the Russians had a “dark night of the soul” that the other Allies have yet to experience (and they will, you can count on it). I don’t know what propaganda you’ve been slonking, because the Russians are more reflective. The French in contrast are “lost”, they are absolutely absorbed in their belief-system with no reflection at all. I’ve tried to facilitate a dark night of the soul for them, hopefully they appreciate it, I’m sure they don’t. You might need unspeakably terrible things like what happened in Russia to happen in France, if I had to guess. The French don’t know tragedy like the Russians, and this makes them naive.

Notice how it’s “against da roolz” to make such a remark. Think Schmitt- France friend, Russia enemy.

We could speculate some against da roolz reasons for this. The communists don’t want you to think too much about their previous communist experiment because it could interfere with their next one. Hence- enemy, inhuman, Other, monster.

The perceptive eye can detect the difference between these two nations at a mere glance just from fluctuating between the two internets.

France is American and that’s not something flattering about it, and America is French and that’s not something flattering about it, they are definitely pals, and I don’t want to have anything to do with either of them. How hollow is the title of “first-world” when they’re lost in such childish delusions?

It reminds me of Sloterdijk who I was talking about recently. This German thinks the only option is to coalesce with globalism, that the only options are liberalism and terrorism, and that terrorism is futile. How about the terrorist named Putin? This spiritually defeated German can’t fathom that option. Nor can any American barnyard animal. Hating Russians over here is about hating people who haven’t accepted being niggers. “Be a nigger like me or you’re evil!”

What were you saying?

Instead of a pseudo-discussion–which is the only thing the nigger-west is capable of–how about just you get bombed instead? How’s that for a response to your inane rhetoric?

“The women and children dying!!” Uh, do golem lives matter? That sounds suspiciously like black lives matter, which is a highly dubious claim.

Consider this, Sloterdijk, instead of being foam, you coward.

Here in the Land of the Free you’ll only be a fed-hounded pariah rather than imprisoned or exiled, the latter which is the case in Germany and France, so I don’t get why their free-spirits don’t move to this cursed place instead.

Only somewhere in total depravity is true philosophy possible. One might recall Jünger’s gripe that many of his intellectual friends were killed by the Nazis. In the case of both the Nazis and Russia there is a “moderate” form of philosophy that is superior to the mainstream beliefs of “the western Allied powers”. Russia’s level of reflection isn’t utopian, it’s practical.

The idea of an American boomer grasping Russia’s level of reflection is, I think, impossible. And this is the generation in charge here for the most part. Maybe you should listen to someone younger than you for once, arrogant boomer? You’ve had it easy over these decades, Russia has had to suffer- they earned the insights from their reflection.

Eh, I’ll get to Pessoa one of these days. Surface-manifestations can set me off about geopolitical divides. Is Pessoa’s country, Portugal, someone who doesn’t fit into the scheme either I wonder.

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