Rosen didn’t even have access to Heidegger’s Sophist course, and he still wrote a study like this, can you believe it?

Thank you, this is how I like to read him too!

Heidegger actually wrote a couple dialogues himself and you can kinda tell that’s just not his forte. Different natures. Rosen started off as a poet before he met Strauss. And look at the url you’re reading this at- neech is the premier example of poetic philosophy. That fusion I think is realer to real-life.

Ahhh it feels so nice to be in the Tibetan mountains while in America. You should try it. All it requires is not caring what anyone thinks. If you do that you might very well try to resuscitate the canon of Neoplatonism. This follows from my realization that the third-world isn’t the only place the third-world is. I.e. I cut the cord- back when I was more naive I didn’t pursue such lofty goals. I don’t try to hold myself back for them anymore because I see now that nigs will be nigging whether I hold myself back or not. So congratulations if you’ve “graduated” to this standpoint with me. So much suffering has been caused and endured to get to this point, so I think Nietzsche would be proud.

Can you imagine Goebbels saying “I prefer this (((Rosen))) approach to Heidegger’s”? No, because I’m not one of those types that thinks that way. I like what’s good. The problem is that most jews today are not like Strauss’s first generation of students. The latter received παιδεία. After that, Chicongo fully went under, just like the other major US cities, due to the unfoldment of the postwar telos.

With that said though, the reason I like Rosen so much is because he’s such a nietzcho-heideggerian it’s annoying. His study is titled Plato’s Sophist: the Drama of Original and Image, and in this context that’s ironic. In other words, I like these Jews because they’re solid scholars, not because they’re philosophers. Yeah, they had Spinoza, who…. happened to be a Sephardi.

This is just Neoplatonism 101. Know how to detect a “mere scholar”. This means they are far from the One, relatively speaking. Platos are only born every few thousand years, and it’s our duty during those thousands of years to emulate them IN ORDER THAT more can be born. And none of these Jews I speak of would disagree with that. I just saw Benardete earlier cite one of the Neoplatonists in fact. These are the “grandpas” of the jews of today, and the latter are no match for the former. There’s been a distinct “fall”. The chaos of war has led to this. We’re currently living in an “extended chaos”.

Consider Rosen here- he is trying to recover a DOUBLE “lost Atlantis”

It may even be a TRIPLE lost Atlantis if you weigh in the Kabbalah factor here.

These are three cultures that (Sabbatean) liberal democracy has left behind. And if you zoom-out, I’m postulating that ur-Straussianism also is a type of lost Atlantis. Like I said before, Allan Bloom is obviously “canceled” today, and he was more of the exoteric face compared to Rosen and Benardete.

So this is what I try to do here, juggle Atlantises. No one wants to do that because it’s an Atlas-type job. Most people don’t care at all if the world falls into chaos and unreason. Thus it’s already too late in a sense. I’m simply so bored by all these people who don’t care that I gravitate toward the Atlanteans because they’re interesting.

Bahahaha, ask a modern jew why they don’t try to defend their co-ethnics who I’ve isolated here, even though they’re superior to modern jewry, and their unspoken response will be it doesn’t give them shekels.

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