You can be Atlas if you want. Let me know if you discover anything worth holding up. It seems like a ball of rot that only leaves your shoulders stained. Just do it anon, watch the smiling faces in your life turn to scowls, I dare you. Don’t want to be follwed by those Furies? Alright, I might as well continue where I left off.

Liebes, the one some see as Scholem’s successor, was pressured into having a couple of his books translated into English

in his profound, extensive, and largely unpublished work, Nathan created an innovative kabbalistic system

Nathan of Gaza is the main systematizer of Sabbati Zevi, both his nature as the Mashiach and his new conception of God.

And no one has heard of this guy?

Sabbateanism, the most important Jewish messianic movement (unless we include Christianity under this rubric) as well as the most mystical one. 

Scholem mostly passes over Nathan’s magnum opus in silence. Look at this from a couple years ago

This is called the Book of Creation.

For a discussion of another one of his books

What’s most interesting to me about this Nathan is that he is cited as the main source for that occultist book I think of as the pinnacle of Realpolitik

You can reread my post on it here to decide for yourself if it deserves that esteem.

This seems to be the formal movement that led to their “shapeshifting” quality. Puh they don’t believe in freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, or anything else in their host country, only (crypto) totalitarian Judaism. Here is a Kabbalistic explainer

Smallskullgoys = Hod, Netzach, and below, meanwhile the true self of the jews is at Hesed and above, pretending to be only at Tifereth, if not further below in the goy realm. Just one way to look at it.

Chains of initiation, etc. The Liebes book I quoted from initially was published the same year this dissertation was written. Some of it can be read here.

Let’s just gather together a few mysterious writings. 1) the Zohar itself is suspiciously translated, 2) next to nothing of Abulafia is translated, 3) the main systematizer of Lurianic Kabbalah, Chaim Vital, is both suspiously translated and not translated, 4) the main Chabad texts are both suspiciously translated and not translated, and now 5) the main systematizer of Sabbatean Kabbalah, Nathan of Gaza, seems to be similar to the rest. Just a normal school of mysticism…

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